Reasons why the Tethered from ‘Us’ wouldn’t want to trade lives with UC Berkeley students

The main characters from the movie "Us" sitting on a couch looking afraid
Claudette Barius/Universal Pictures/Courtesy

Following the success of 2017 thriller Get Out” director Jordan Peele returns with “Us,” a horror that makes an impactful social commentary about our world today. The film revolves around the concept of “the Tethered” — doppelgängers of the people on earth who live in the shadows of the underworld. While the Tethered are envious of their earthly counterparts, the students of UC Berkeley show that college life isn’t the easy and breezy lifestyle that they might imagine. While there are several amazing perks of coming to UC Berkeley, here are five things that‘ll dissuade the fictional antagonists from rising from the depths of the underground.

Finals and midterms

Any student at UC Berkeley will attest to the difficulty of the finals and midterms here. Everyone seems to be buzzing about midterm season which can start as early as a couple weeks into the semester and end just before RRR week. Even when you’ve studied for hours on end, you can instantly feel underprepared when you open your exam booklet. If the Tethered are willing to give it a shot,however, then we’re hoping the curve will be there to save them.

Phase 1 enrollment

Getting the classes you want isn’t as simple as it might’ve been in high school. At UC Berkeley, you’re given an allotted time period to pick a capped number of units for your next semester. You may have gotten used to being waitlisted for all of your desired courses at this point with over 30,000 students vying for the same classes. On the bright side, you’re given four years to complete college for a reason. Here’s to hoping the “Us” villains will know how to navigate your shopping cart.

Finding housing

A college town situated in the Bay Area screams high rental costs. With thousands of students seeking housing each semester in a city with very limited space to offer, your jaw will drop when you realize how much you’re expected to pay to live in a triple. Although living underground is the least optimal situation, we’re not sure if the Tethered are willing to sign a full-year lease for over $1,000 per month.

Joining clubs

When you’re not focusing on your academics, you’re most likely devoting your time to your extracurriculars and friends. Joining clubs is no easy feat and takes more than just signing up. In some cases, you’ll need to polish up your resume with little experience and iron the one business outfit you own to impress your peers for club admissions. And you thought entering UC Berkeley was challenging!

Coming to UC Berkeley teaches you many things beyond what you’ll learn in any academic course. All jokes aside, the aforementioned points are all crucial in making UC Berkeley students some of the strongest college students, ready for any challenge thrown at them — challenges that’ll even have the Tethered thinking twice about attempting to step foot on campus grounds.

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