Your favorite beauty gurus as UC Berkeley students

Kylie Jenner
Flickr/Creative Commons

With the recent release of admissions letters to both the Class of 2023 and the transfers of the Class of 2021, tons of talented, bright and ambitious students will be joining the current student body this coming fall. Do you ever wonder what campus life would be like if its student population were to get a little more… “beautified”? Here’s a hypothetical look at what would happen if the four of the biggest names in the beauty industry traded in their makeup brushes for pencils and enrolled into UC Berkeley.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie’s arrival to campus makes international students shudder as their Goyard totes and Chanel boy bags prove no match for her impressive designer collection. On any given day, Kylie can be spotted listening to Travis Scott tunes on her way to class with a pair of Yeezys on her feet to show some family support. Lately those campus strolls, however, have been looking a little lonely since Kylie parted ways with her longtime best friend, Jordyn. If you’ve got room in your schedule to babysit Stormi and have your arm regularly used to swatch Kylie’s latest lip gloss shades, send in your application to the most exclusive club on campus: Kylie’s inner circle.

Jeffree Star

You’ll never catch Jeffree Star without a camera crew following him around campus as he continues to regularly upload videos to his lucrative Youtube channel even while in college. The few glimpses of Jeffree’s personal life that are revealed on the internet are indicative of a life filled with glamour, so we definitely know Jeffree petitioned his dorm housing in a Unit 3 triple. It’s no secret that Jeffree’s a big fan of fast food, so watch as he uploads mukbang- style content recorded from the beloved Taco Bell Cantina location on Telegraph Avenue.


Known for much more than makeup, Rihanna dabbles in a bit of everything on campus. She performs music at local Berkeley bars, stars in one of the latest shorts for the Berkeley Film Festival and has become a campus ambassador for various clothing brands. A fashion icon like Rihanna would never be caught slipping in her style — even if her day only involved taking a midterm. We all know Rihanna can be a bit of savage, so make sure you’re on your best behavior during section to avoid getting called out by the queen.

James Charles

Currently the beauty Youtuber with the most subscribers, James Charles has quickly risen to the top of the industry. There’s no doubt that his presence will be known on campus. He’ll regularly host meet and greets on campus for his fans, crowding Sproul Plaza due to his popularity. You can also guarantee there will be many more collaborative videos with his classmates, Kylie and Jeffree, in the works.

Although many students would prefer glittery eye shadow palettes over dense textbooks, the lifestyle adjustments for these beauty gurus don’t have to be filled with compromises. There’s no doubt that they’ll find ways to incorporate all of their unique traits and talents right here on the welcoming grounds of UC Berkeley.

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