3 easy road trips to take during your RRR week

Emily Denny/Staff

After 15 weeks of hard work, endless studying and constant rain, Berkeley couldn’t seem any more merciless. But just when you’re about to throw those textbooks into the fire, walk out of lecture and quit this college life altogether, UC Berkeley does something, which to this day, we still can’t believe. UC Berkeley gives it students an entire week off before finals.

And although the school technically refers to it as “RRR” (Reading, Review and Recitation) week, we at the Clog know that one of those Rs actually stands for road trip — maybe three of them — which is why we’ve composed a list of three quick road trips to take during your week of freedom, which boy, we’re all so grateful for!

Big Sur

Just south of Monterey is Big Sur — a stretch of rocky coastline along California’s famous Highway 1. This stretch of highway has to be one of the most scenic places in our beautiful sunny state, and it’s only a three-hour drive from Berkeley! While you’re driving down the highway, be sure to roll your windows down, breathe in the salty air and forget about all those looming finals. We can promise that cruising down this incredible highway is the perfect way to spend your RRR week.

Fort Bragg

Instead of driving south like you might typically do, this week may be the perfect chance to explore the true Northern California. After just a few hours driving down windy roads through dark green forests, you’ll land in the quiet, and often foggy, beach town of Fort Bragg. Be sure to visit Glass Beach — one of the most sea-glass abundant beaches in California. We can promise that this beach along with the Mendocino Coast is the best way to escape the ceaseless Bay Area crowds.

Muir Woods and Point Reyes

If you’re looking for more of just a day trip, then driving up to Muir Woods National Monument and Point Reyes National Seashore is a great quick road trip to take. While in Muir Woods, you’ll be walking beneath towering redwoods, all of which form a dense canopy blocking the warmth of the springtime sun. But when you drive out of the forest and head up Highway 1 toward Point Reyes, the sun will shine, reflecting the sparkling blue of the Pacific.

As you head into your final week of class, now’s the time to start planning your dead week road trips! And what better way to escape Berkeley than by exploring these nearby, sunny Californian spots? Buckle up, leave the textbooks behind and enjoy your week of freedom!

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