Quick, convenient, healthy eats to power you through finals

Map of Berkeley with icons indicating quick and healthy restaurant locations
Jazmine Solorzano/Staff

College is stressful, especially during finals season — with days full of study sessions, club meetings and overall misery. During these hectic times, the absolute last thing people think about is eating healthy. At these moments, food only serves to provide energy. But what if you were told that fast and healthy food could be found only steps away from the UC Berkeley campus? This quick guide will help power your busy days with the right fuel so you can think and perform at your very best. Here are three healthy restaurants that are just a short walk from campus!

A quick walk from VLSB, Sweetgreen is your one-stop shop for all things quick and healthy! Order a made-to-order salad or choose an item from its ever-changing seasonal menu! Its current spring menu is incredibly delicious — its new Superfood Salad is chock-full of healthy ingredients such as beet hummus, toasted buckwheat, avocado and a lemon-ginger-turmeric vinaigrette. Best of all, each Sweetgreen location has a blackboard that details where each of its ingredients come from — most of them from organic farms located in the Bay Area! What more could you ask for?

Mezzo is close to our hearts for three reasons: 1) The food its serves is delicious, 2) its salads and sandwiches are fresh and healthy and 3) the serving sizes are absolutely ginormous. If you want an incredibly satisfying meal, look no further than Mezzo. Its sandwiches are served on two extra-thick slices of bread and are packed with so many toppings that there’s no way you’ll be able to fit the entire thing in your mouth (although you could certainly try!) Likewise, the salads are huge — the Chef Salad is packed with a heaping serving of greens, a huge handful of chickpeas and kidney beans, half an avocado, an egg and a protein of your choice. Definitely a must-try!

Ladle & Leaf
Out of the three restaurants in this guide, Ladle & Leaf is by far the closest to campus. Located less than a block from Sproul Plaza, Ladle & Leaf provides healthy soups and salads that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Its soup menu changes daily (although it has some soups that are in a set menu), so you can always expect to be pleasantly surprised with the daily offerings. A particular favorite of ours is the Asian Chicken Salad — a bed of fresh spring mix greens topped with Mary’s Organic Chicken, carrots, cabbage, wonton strips and a delicious miso vinaigrette.

With this guide, you’ll never have to worry about eating healthy again! Rest assured that your hectic days can be powered by healthy and convenient eats located mere blocks from campus.

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