Editors’ note: Faith 2019

In the past several months, hateful and violent attacks against various religions have shaken countries around the world.

In the face of this intolerance, The Daily Californian wanted to create an issue dedicated to uplifting and celebrating many faiths in the UC Berkeley community and beyond. From calling on the NCAA to promote a more inclusive environment for athletes of all faiths to featuring students on campus who pushed for academic accommodations during religious holidays, this issue of the Daily Cal emphasizes the importance of acceptance.

This one issue can’t feature every religion observed in Berkeley, but it’s a small step toward fostering tolerance and allyship. Education is fundamental to combating acts of hatred and bigotry in our community, and we at the Daily Cal hope this issue helps play a part in achieving this important goal.

Harini Shyamsundar is the editor in chief and president, Chantelle Lee is the managing editor and Victoria Do is the creative director. Contact them at [email protected] and follow The Daily Californian on Twitter at @dailycal.