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Have you felt the chaos in the air, that these are crazy times with all the rules changing, professions disappearing and seemingly no adults or leaders in the room? “No one’s been spared,” a friend said about how deeply many of us have had to take stock of our lives. I’ve talked to young people who have good-paying jobs and prospects but no time for meaningful connections, older boomers whose professions have enabled them to retire with $$ but not their health and those that are wandering about in shock at the lives they had worked to build all in little pieces on the ground.

The best remedy against feeling financially insecure, fears about getting older or losing your independence, is to be skilled and needed, but how to discern which techniques and training to acquire?

“A condom for Life,” says co-founder Paul Harrison. “This is what you get with the Willow System.” Developed by his partner Rita Harrison, the total self-care system integrates the ancient and cutting-edge into techniques that are precisely what’s needed in these stressful times. A European government-registered physical therapist, naturopathic doctor, systemic dialoguing and organizational dynamics expert, she has stripped the “aerie faerie” out of holistic healing to deliver laser-like methods that fundamentally change lives for the better and turn “learning into earning.”

“I used to think this was all esoteric bullshit,” says Paul, as he recounts the story of how Rita saved his life some 13 years ago. An obsessive workaholic, he had “a whole lot of living” under his belt, from careers in government to band gigs, from dyslexia to drug use. His gigantic heart suffered an attack from which he had to be resuscitated at age 29. After a stroke at 43, he was living on morphine, muscle relaxants, blood thinners and pills to sleep and stay awake. With spine damage from a fall, Paul was hobbling about on crutches when he was “persuaded” to see her for treatment.

“I was a not-very-nice man” with a “f**k all” attitude who didn’t see what this crazy lady could do, he said. She didn’t give him any medications or meditations but a Body Organization instead. Off the table, he stumbled and mumbled his way out of the session, only to be chased by Rita waving the crutches he had left behind. She loves to tell the story of how mock-innocently she asked, “Haven’t you forgotten something?”

Today, she has delivered this kind of life-changing healing for over 35 years and to more than 55,000 clients. Now she is offering trainings in most of her primary modalities, for you to benefit and share with others. When you attend a workshop or training with Rita, you come away with the ‘feel-good’ that comes from mastery, not painkillers or illusions.

Join the new grassroots movement of people wanting a Better Present that just Keeps Giving!

Rita Harrison, developer of Willow System treatments, has over 35 years of practical experience and with over 38 well-researched modalities. She has helped people all over the world find and maximize their potential, deal with acute or chronic conditions, enhance athletic performance and sustain and maximize their well-being. Visit for more information or a free strategy session.

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