The Clog’s guide to livening up your dead week

Jessica Khauv/File

It seems like just yesterday that the school year was starting up again, and just like that, it’s over in a blast! Now is the time to finish the semester as strong as you started — you’ll want to go into finals week with nothing but positivity by your side. Here’s a guide to help you make the most of the days during dead week, because we all know how much responsibility it takes to use five days of no instruction wisely.

Match Monday

With tons of reading assignments, problem sets and midterms on the horizon, it’s easy to fall behind throughout the semester. Now that the train of school work has come to a complete stop, use the first day of dead week to match the expected pace of each of your courses. That means going through all the course captures and notes that you might’ve missed. It’s always that one lecture you missed and deemed unworthy of going over that could possibly comprise a good chunk of your final. You don’t want to lose valuable points just because you weren’t able to catch up in time.

Thorough Tuesday

Once you’ve caught up to where you should be in all of your classes, take time to thoroughly go over all of the areas that might’ve stumped you in the past. Look at midterm answer sheets and delve right into practice final exams. Talk to your GSI or post on Piazza if you find yourself still stuck in a state of confusion. Be sure to make note of review sessions that you might want to attend throughout the week, if applicable. Additionally, make study guides that outline all of the key concepts — some of which you might’ve forgotten throughout the duration of the semester.

Wednesday Wellness

It comes as no surprise that college students don’t get the recommended amount of sleep that they should. Use Wednesday to kick sleep deprivation to the curb and catch up on your z’s. While you’re at it, devote the entire day to pampering yourself. Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Treat yourself to a day at the spa — or a more affordable at home version consisting of face masks and teeth whitening kits.

Terminate Thursday

The second to last day of dead week is your chance to terminate the last of your studying. Polish up those study guides and check off those course captures from your to-do list. Have all of your unsolved inquiries answered. Thursday’s the day to devote all of your time to studying. Put aside thoughts of endless scrolling on the internet and resist the urge to party it up. That’s not to say you don’t deserve a little break every now and then, but you want to be sure that you’re exactly where you want to be with your finals preparation. Monday, the first day of finals, is just around the corner and the last thing you’ll want clouding up your memory is how funny your Snapchat story was.

Friday Funday

Friday and studying are two words that should never mix. Use the last Friday of the academic year to have some fun. Go out with friends, plan a date night or do whatever constitutes your idea of a day filled with fun. This is your last hurrah, so don’t spend it holed up in the library — we all know that it’s nearly impossible to find a seat even if you wanted to.

With so many students attending UC Berkeley, everyone does dead week differently. If you’ve struggled to stay motivated in the past, however, you’re definitely not alone. We at the Clog hope that you’ll be able to use some of the suggestions from this guide to make your week much more diligent.

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