Things you could do instead of watching ‘Avenger: Endgame’ for 3 hours


The new Avengers movie came out, and it has the audacity to take up a little more than three hours of your life. We at the Clog find that utterly ridiculous and have compiled a list of better ways to spend three hours than in a movie theater seat which you very well may get lice from.

  1. Watch seven lectures on two times speed
  2. Drive to Tahoe
  3. Watch the original Nyan Cat video 54 times (and every recreation ever made)
  4. Clean your entire room
  5. Find a seat in Moffitt
  6. Go to your godforsaken two-hour discussion
  7. Sit in your towel after taking a shower
  8. Listen to “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus 118 times
  9. Write that paper you had the whole semester to write
  10. Listen to that podcast your friends have been begging you to listen to
  11. Go on a run
  12. Watch movie trailers on YouTube
  13. Backup your laptop
  14. Roast your professor in your course evaluations
  15. Get lost in Dwinelle
  16. Cut your own hair
  17. Freak out about how badly you cut your own hair
  18. Check Instagram, then put your phone away, then check Instagram again, and repeat
  19. Watch a depressing documentary
  20. SLEEP

Enjoy those three hours of your life knowing that you didn’t spend it watching a capitalist nightmare.

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