Deadly thoughts every student has during dead week

Franchesca Spektor/File

Another semester, another dead week, or as professors and faculty members at UC Berkeley like to call it, Reading, Review and Recitation, or RRR, week.  For our freshmen, it’ll be the first time they’ll be experiencing a full dead week as it was sadly cut short in the fall. Sleep deprivation, mental breakdowns and short spurts of happiness are what make up the core of the week. It’s the most relatable week of the entire semester, and it’s the week where every UC Berkeley student (except for maybe the seniors who will be taking graduation photos while we slowly rot away in the darkness of Main Stacks) struggles together. If that isn’t family goals, I don’t know what is. Here are a list of thoughts that every UC Berkeley student has during dead week.

“I have time. It’s only Monday.”

It’s the first day of dead week and the week seems so young and fresh. This is the time your optimism is at its peak. Two final papers, one group project and four classes to catch up in with over 20 course captures to watch and three books to read — nothing fazes you and everything just seems possible to complete. But, like every dead week, you’re going to sadly realize that you’re 100 percent mistaken.  


Caffeine is what saves you every dead week. It’s the reason why you’re able to only get less than three hours of sleep every night and still be able to function. Thank you, caffeine, for saving our college careers and our sad GPAs.

“Is it possible to learn a semester’s worth of material in one week?”

Been there, done that. Being at UC Berkeley can get quite busy with internships, research, jobs, club commitments and a full course load. It’s inevitable to forget about a class and become trapped in the cycle of putting the work aside and worrying about your other more important commitments. In theory, you’ll have all of dead week to catch up. But then dead week rolls around, and you realize that there is more material than you thought, and you have a billion other classes to study for on top of that. That’s when it hits you — you’re completely fucked. 

“I’m just going to watch one more episode.”

With your week completely free of classes, it convinces you that you have time to catch up on your favorite TV shows. I mean who can study for 24 hours straight, anyways?

“All-nighter at Moffitt?”

Every Cal student has gone through this. If you haven’t, are you even a real Golden Bear? There is just so much studying to do and not enough time in the day to do it. Many libraries on campus will be open 24/7, making it even more tempting to pull all-nighters. Moffitt’s sleeping pods? See you there!

Dead week is iconic. It’s the week lots of memories are made through the extremely long study sessions with your friends. Good luck, Golden Bears, and I hope you make it out alive this dead week.

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