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It Philz my heart: 6 reasons why Philz Coffee is the perfect study spot

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MAY 02, 2019

Words cannot describe my love for Philz Coffee. It’s the perfect place to study, catch up with friends, eat delicious food and drink some bomb-ass coffee — I’m craving Philz as we speak! Libraries and studying at home are just not my cup of tea. I absolutely love studying at cafes. It’s where I find myself to be the most productive. Therefore, I’ve visited many cafes around Berkeley, and I have to say, the Philz on College Avenue is my favorite place to study at by far. Here are six reasons why Philz is literally the best.


I have not found a cafe with as many accessible outlets as Philz. I hate to admit it, but I rely heavily on technology when it comes to school, so outlets are an absolute must for me. I’ve stepped into cafes and walked out immediately when I didn’t spot a single outlet. Yes, it’s that serious. Philz on College Avenue has outlets everywhere. There are like five to 10 outlets along the table tops allowing you to plug in all your devices at once — honestly, it’s like a dream come true.   

No extra fee for milk substitutes

Being lactose intolerant, I’ve never understood why cafes charged me an extra fee so I wouldn’t get poisoned by drinking their coffee. Philz is one of the only cafes that doesn’t charge their customers an extra fee for milk substitutes. This is one of the reasons why I love Philz so much. Their milk substitutes include original and vanilla soy milk, almond milk, and the most recent addition, oat milk! Isn’t Philz just the best? 

Quality coffee for the right price

Philz serves some of the best caffeinated drinks — from their Ether coffee blend to their famous Mint Mojito drink. It’s rich in flavor and will definitely keep you awake during your long study session. It’s also fairly cheap, about three to four dollars a cup! Some places are beginning to charge close to five to six dollars a cup, and it doesn’t even compare to the quality Philz provides.

Delicious food

With banana bread, scones, avocado toast and bagels, Philz offers a large variety of different food items that will surely satisfy your cravings! Sip on your coffee and munch on your favorite Philz snack while you study your heart away.

Convenient hours

From dawn till dusk, Philz is the perfect place to study for everyone. It’s open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. So if you’re a morning person and enjoy starting your day at the crack of dawn, head over to Philz at 6 a.m. Or if you enjoy sleeping in, you can still study at Philz beginning midafternoon and still get a full four hours of studying in before they close.

Prime location

Philz on College Avenue is surrounded by many restaurants and shops. It’s right next to Safeway and Ike’s Sandwiches, and up the street from Noodle Theory and Trader Joe’s. Also, the 51B takes you directly there! 

I absolutely love Philz, if you couldn’t tell by now, and I know you will too! The only downside to Philz is that it can get quite busy at times, so finding a seat can be quite difficult, but not impossible. Fill your day with love and head to Philz!

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MAY 04, 2019