The Clog’s list of places to Panic! other than at the Disco

Stephanie Li /Senior Staff

With finals coming up right around the corner, your life might be feeling like Taylor Swift’s music career — spiraling to its doom. For any perpetually stressed student, all you really need is a good cathartic panic! to put everything in perspective. Just for you, we at the Clog have made a list of the most private places on campus at which you can cry and scream to your heart’s content.

For female-identifying individuals: LeConte women’s restrooms, upper floors

Thanks to the male-dominated physics department, the female bathrooms on the upper floors of LeConte are pretty secluded. Once you’ve figured out your way through the maze of the building, you can have a good cry without interruption. Bonus: The hum of stressed-out physics students provides the perfect background track for a breakdown.

UC Botanical Garden

For those of us who stay locked up in Moffitt or Main Stacks until the early hours of the morning, the UC Botanical Garden offers a welcome respite. Full of warmth and sunlight, the garden’s greenery, meant to lift your mood, is surprisingly not enough when the panic of finals sets in. Nonetheless, the peace and quiet do make for a fairly good place for your brain to cycle between planning your dead week and regretting your procrastination throughout the semester.

Dining halls

Where better to lament your life decisions than among the chaos of students trying to fuel their bodies after a long day? As you panic about the subpar food in front of you, let it all out. Trust us, it actually works.

Memorial Glade seal

Let’s be honest, that 4.0 just isn’t going to happen this semester. So why not challenge the myth and accept the truth by stomping all over the bronze circle? If anything, being honest with yourself will relieve stress. An added tip: If you’re worried about your GPA, just roll down 4.0 Hill a couple of times to nullify the seal-stepping.

The Campanile

Let the Sather Tower Carillon act as a background, the polyphonic symphony quieting the never-ending to-do list running through your head. This way, you can stress — in style. As you panic while enjoying the picturesque views of our campus, you can come up with a game plan to tackle your dead week tasks and finals.

While panicking is a natural part of dead week, there’s so much more to it! Good luck with your studying, Golden Bears! The Clog has faith in you.

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