How to not become a zombie during this dead week

Zombies dressed in Cal gear
Olivia Staser/Staff

RRR Week often goes by another name: Dead week. Some say it’s called that because nobody is on campus, so it appears dead. Others claim that the week is called that because if you don’t study, you’re dead. Whatever the reason, this week can make a person feel like the living dead. Here are some tips to avoid being a zombie this dead week.

Don’t stay up all night

Nothing feels more like being a zombie than shambling around sleep-deprived. You have all day to study, so you shouldn’t have to study late into the night. Remember to study earlier in the week, so you don’t have to cram late into the night Saturday or Sunday. Take this week as a chance to catch up on sleep and on material. No amount of coffee will keep you from being like a zombie.

Don’t get bitten

With all these sleep-deprived students around, it can be hard to tell who’s just tired and who’s a member of the living dead. So here’s a friendly reminder to always watch your surroundings to make sure you don’t get bitten. Getting bitten by a zombie is the easiest way to turn into a zombie. Since you want to avoid that, make sure to stay away from other people’s mouths. You never know.

Spread out your studying

Burnout is a real thing. Doing all of your studying in one go can make you feel like the living dead. This applies to cramming the weekend before finals, but also to studying every second of dead week. It’s OK to study throughout the week, but also make sure to schedule breaks for yourself. It’ll be a lot easier to come back to difficult material with a refreshed mind.

Make sure everything is clear with your necromancer friend

Having a necromancer as a friend can be useful. They can give you a burst of energy when you’re feeling tired, which can only be rivaled by a triple-shot espresso. The problem is that they could also turn you into a zombie as a way to help you get through studying. Even though you might work tirelessly, a zombie brain can’t retain information. Make sure to clearly tell them you don’t want to be turned into the undead, and you should be in the clear.

Do what works for you

Everyone approaches studying and dead week differently. Don’t feel bad that you aren’t studying exactly like your friend does. If you tried to, you might just end up burnt out and feeling like a zombie. Find the best way for you to have a productive dead week, and you won’t be sorry. Here’s a hint for trying to find what works: Figure out the ways you can have fun — or at least not be bored.

Hopefully these tips will help you avoid being a figurative or literal zombie. Don’t worry — all of this will be over in a little more than a week’s time. At the very least, the zombies in all the libraries should be rounded up and turned back into normal people. Good luck on your studies and on finals. Even if you turn into a zombie, you got this.

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