Soundtracks you should listen to while you study for finals

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MAY 08, 2019

Welcome to the point in the semester when you’re either studying, writing a paper or procrastinating those things. It can be hard to continue studying for an entire week. Listening to music might be a way for you to get through a long study session. But a lot of music with vocals and catchy beats can be distracting. Instead, why not listen to music designed to disappear into the background of a film or television show? Here are some recommendations for soundtracks to listen to while you study.

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

If you still want to listen to something you’ll recognize, then the soundtrack to the first (or any, for that matter) “Harry Potter” movie is what you want. It’s likely that some of the tracks are staples of your childhood, so they can be recognizable without having distracting vocals. It may also help you feel nostalgic and comfortable, which is nice when struggling to relearn a concept.

“Jurassic Park”

A good choice of soundtrack to listen to is one that isn’t too distracting but still motivates you to work. Most horror soundtracks are too tense and, therefore, distracting from work. The soundtrack to “Jurassic Park,” though, is the perfect balance. It has tense moments, but it’s never too tense. The songs also go from calm and happy to suspenseful and back again, which gives a nice rhythm to any work you’re doing.

Season seven of “Game of Thrones”

The soundtrack to the seventh season of “Game of Thrones” is great if you want a fantasy soundtrack that’ll keep you working. It isn’t as recognizable as the “Harry Potter” soundtrack, so it should distract you less. The soundtrack has many epic songs, as befits a fantasy album, which can be motivating when doing some boring studying. It’ll carry you through its track list and through your work at the same time.

“Stranger Things”

There’s a chance that you don’t like music played by an orchestra. If you’d rather listen to electronic music, then the soundtracks to both seasons one and two of “Stranger Things” would be good choices. The moments of levity and stress keep the albums exciting and should be enough to get you through your studying.

“Howl’s Moving Castle”

Sometimes when you’re studying, you just want something happy and vaguely whimsical. If that’s the case, the soundtrack to “Howl’s Moving Castle” has got you covered. It’s joyous and light — two things that can be very nice when struggling through study material. A catchy musical theme throughout will keep you bobbing your head and might get you through an insane workload.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Really, it’s just a list of some suggestions that hopefully help you find a soundtrack that helps you study. If you want to find a soundtrack to listen to on your own, listen to the soundtracks of the movies you like. That way, you can find what you enjoy.

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MAY 08, 2019