Water you doing? 4 secret spots to refill your water bottle

Leonie Leonida /Staff

RRR Week is here, and that means that, unfortunately, stress is imminent. But the last thing you want to worry about is running out of water or having to fill up your water bottle in — dare we say it — Evans Hall. As a result, your favorites here at the trustworthy Clog have compiled a short list of places on campus that’ll help you quench your thirst.


Brown’s sure is a long walk if you’re all the way on Southside, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. There are two water dispensers — one for regular water and one for sparkling — and the water is cool and refreshing. What more could a Golden Bear need? While you’re on that side of campus, grab an iced chai from Peet’s — we think it just tastes better there, for some reason.

Cafe Think

Are you a Haas-hole? Do you enjoy wearing Fratagonias and flexing about your upcoming finance internship? Well, even if you’re just a plain old student who happens to be on or near the Haas School of Business territory, go straight to Cafe Think for a drink. Dare not fill your bottle with merely any of the water fountains in the buildings — the 10 extra steps into the café are more than worth it, trust us.

International House

Do you want to escape Berkeley for a hot sec? If you walk into the I-House cafe, you can make a sweet escape from Berserkeley by refilling your bottle with I-House’s (in our humble opinion) enchanting water. The water has plenty of ice, and it’s often filled with slices of cucumbers or some sort of green leaves that we should probably be eating more of anyways. So bougie, and so worth it. Goodbye, Berkeley. Hello, spa.

Any off-campus café

No matter which café you’re at, we guarantee you with at least 99 percent certainty — using our trusty statistical methods — that any café’s water will be better than any campus building’s water. If you have the opportunity to fill your bottle up at a café, do so quickly, before it’s too late and you’re too far into campus. Think Bakers & Commons, Romeo’s Coffee or 1951 Coffee Company.

If you don’t take us up on our suggestions, water you even thinking? Good, cooling and refreshing, water is key to having a good, hydrated day. Go Bears!

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