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Which Jonas Brothers couple are you based on the wedding you design?

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MAY 09, 2019

Last Wednesday, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had a surprise wedding, officially meaning that each of the three oldest Jonas Brothers (sorry, Frankie) is married. Joe, the last of the three (again, sorry, Frankie), married Turner, an actress most known for her portrayal of Sansa Stark on “Game of Thrones” and Jean Grey in the recent “X-Men” films. Why not take a break from studying your serious physics material and find out which Jonas couple you are, based on the wedding you design for yourself?


  1. Choose a location for your wedding.
    1. A foreign palace.
    2. A quaint chapel.
    3. An old estate.
    4. Your childhood home.
  2. How many guests are invited to your wedding?
    1. Easily 300+ guests.
    2. Just close friends and family (less than 50).
    3. Around 100-200 — maybe a few more?
    4. Whoever wants to come.
  3. What does your wedding cake look like?
    1. It’s huge –18 feet tall, ornamental and delicious.
    2. No cake.
    3. Traditional white wedding cake.
    4. Chocolate cake with rainbow sprinkles.
  4. What kind of rings do you have?
    1. 3.9-carat diamond set in platinum and 18-karat gold.
    2. Candy Ring Pops instead of real rings.
    3. Just a simple diamond ring and gold wedding band.
    4. Guitar strings made into rings, a la “A Star is Born.”
  5. Who are your bridesmaids or groomsmen?
    1. Only family members – blood is thicker than water.
    2. No one!
    3. Family members and close friends.
    4. My best friends and maybe some family members.
  6. Do you have plans for your reception?
    1. We’re having many parties to celebrate our newly married love for each other.
    2. Maybe a small get-together after the ceremony?
    3. Just your traditional party with a band and a cake after the wedding and near the ceremony.
    4. “Project X”-style rager.
  7. Where are you and your spouse honeymooning?
    1. The Caribbean.
    2. Low-key in Los Angeles.
    3. Mexico.
    4. South Africa.
    1. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra: Much like Nick and Priyanka, your wedding is opulent, decadent and stunning. You only have the best of everything, and you’re inclusive of each other’s cultural backgrounds by having multiple ceremonies and receptions across the world!
    2. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner: You’re the most youthful of the couples, as you couldn’t wait for your formal wedding ceremony — so much so that you eloped in Las Vegas with Ring Pops, in front of only your close friends and family. While your wedding may not be traditional, it’s equally important and even more fun!
    3. Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa: You’re the old faithful of the Jonas Brothers’ weddings. While you’re still a celebrity and have a nice wedding, it’s modest in comparison to what your siblings have done — but you and your honey have a classic kind of love!
    4. Frankie Jonas: Much like the youngest, often-forgotten Jonas Brother, you’re not yet married. While you probably haven’t met The One, we’re sure you’ll meet that special someone real soon!


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MAY 09, 2019