A tour of the UC Berkeley campus to the new Vampire Weekend album

Mark Crossfield/Flickr/Creative Commons

Last week, Vampire Weekend released its first album in about six years, and accordingly, the preppy white boy just jumped out of nearly everyone we know — ourselves included. Luckily for us, we’re in college for this musical moment and can embrace all the feels of being in college that the Vampire Weekend album has to offer. In other words, this means listening to it very dramatically on campus and realizing that it’s the perfect song for the moments of college life. We at the Clog propose to you a tour of the UC Berkeley campus as the perfect way to fully experience the album. Bonus points if you’re wearing a rugby shirt and/or a windbreaker (that seems to be Ezra Koenig’s thing lately).

Sproul Plaza

We begin our tour of UC Berkeley to the first song on the album, “Hold You Know (feat. Danielle Haim).” This is the perfect song to listen to as you walk across Sproul. Not only are the aesthetics of the song amplified by Sather Gate being perched above the sea of people, but the lyrics line up with the experience of being flyered to: “I can’t carry you forever, but I can hold you now.”

Dwinelle Hall

Next on the album is “Harmony Hall.” This is the perfect song to accompany you as you wander the halls looking for your GSI’s office hours that you waited until Dead Week to find. Furthermore, you can consider how Dwinelle is the opposite of harmonious and how you should probably invest in some more Madewell clothing to fit your new Vampire Weekend vibe.

Looking out at the San Francisco Bay

We’ll let you pick your choice viewpoint of the San Francisco Bay. Whether it be under the Campanile, outside I-House or at some secret place we haven’t been to yet, as you gaze out at the Golden Gate Bridge and the beautiful blue bay, listen to “Big Blue.” You’ll be filled with gratitude to always have that view to ground you in such a stressful place.

On the walk to the next location we suggest

“How Long?” Enough said.

Piedmont Avenue

From the title alone, “Unbearably White” fits the vibe of Piedmont Avenue, aka Greek Row. Relieving some of the memories that took place on that particular stretch of Berkeley road is “hard on the body, hard on the mind.”

The Haas courtyard

We recommend entering Haas courtyard from the top. That way, you get to see the blooming wisteria that’ll be amplified by the happy beat of “Rich Man.” You can reconsider whether being in Haas is the right decision or whether you should just follow your heart and Ezra Koenig’s example and be an English major. Then, you can stop and stay awhile, taking in the views of Haas and then listening to the next track on the album, “Married in a Gold Rush (feat. Danielle Haim).”

Memorial Glade

Lay out in the sun and listen to “Sunflower (feat. Steve Lacy),” arguably the happiest song on the album, and relish in the music and sunlight.

The Campanile 

Ideally, you’ll listen to “Flower Moon (feat. Steve Lacy)” in the moonlight while staring at the Campanile. We have chills! Maybe you can crack open a Coca-Cola and some red wine, too?

There’s nothing better than experiencing the new Vampire Weekend album on our beloved UC Berkeley campus! If dead week and finals are getting you down, follow this tour and it’ll get you out of the library and on your feet. We know that Vampire Weekend makes us prematurely nostalgic about our college years and simultaneously excited for what life and our inevitable death have to offer.

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