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The Clog's Daiso haul: What to get your mom for Mother's Day

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MAY 10, 2019

This Sunday, May 12, is Mother’s Day here in the United States, a day honoring our mothers and maternal figures and all that they do for us. Naturally, it’s our turn to give back to them and express our gratitude for all that they’ve done, given up or changed just for our well-being. However, we at the Clog understand that it’s a busy time of the year with final exams and the end of the spring semester approaching. So we went to everyone’s favorite supermarket, Daiso, to see what we could buy with the amount of money we had on us ($19.00) as a present for Mother’s Day. Why not express your undying love and extreme gratitude to the women who birthed you and/or spent years of their lives taking care of you by going to a store where the majority of items are $1.50? Below are the results of our successful Daiso haul.

Mother’s Day card – $1.00
Every great gift begins with a card, on which you can express your deepest emotions, write an inside joke or simply sign your name if you’re a minimalist with a cold, dead heart. Your mother will appreciate whatever card you choose to give her; just going out of your way to get a card that she can display in the kitchen or on a desk will leave her with a sense of pride — not only did she raise a child but, she raised a child that cares.

Fake flowers – $1.50/flower
Priced at $1.50 a flower, Daiso has a wide variety of fake flowers that you can give as a Mother’s Day present. You’re probably thinking, “Fake flowers aren’t as nice as real flowers.” While they may not have the appeal that natural flowers have, fake flowers aren’t at the mercy of the biological process of death, giving them an infinite shelf life, and your mother can appreciate them for the rest of her days.

Scarf – $3.00
While spring is slowly coming to a close, a scarf is still a nice present to buy for Mother’s Day, as winter is always around the corner, and cold winds will eventually come back to us. Yes, this present could be saved for Christmas 2019, but as scarves are lightweight and come in a variety of patterns, they’re perfect for the approaching summer months. Your mother will love to wear a present, because when her friends ask, “Where’d you get that scarf?” she can say, “My child bought it for me,” instantly filling her friends with jealousy and envy. It’ll make your sweet mother feel the most prideful she’s felt since she could tell people you got into UC Berkeley.

Cane – $2.00
While this gift may not apply to all mothers, it’s never too early to start preparing to purchase someone’s first cane. Daiso is the perfect location because they’re only $2.00, and they come in a variety of floral patterns that’ll leave your grandma or mother or female figure feeling like the biggest baddie in the retirement home.

Face mask – $1.50
Everyone loves a good face mask, and your skin will thank you for giving it attention and love. Similarly, your mother will probably thank you for a product that’ll allow her to pamper herself. However, be warned: She may take this as a sign that you think she has bad skin or she’s aged, reminding her that no one lives forever and of the fleeting nature of life, while you’re out partying in college. Despite the different reactions one can get, face masks are usually appreciated, and people love to say “self-care” and wear them.

Cat slippers – $4.00
Cat slippers make an excellent addition to any footwear collection, as they’re both stylish and functional, and at $4.00, these slippers are a steal. Your mother will appreciate the comfort and may find the little cat faces on the feet adorable, giving her a reason to wake up early and wear slippers. It’ll also give her the opportunity to relax and wear comfortable footwear, prompting her to take a break from the stressful job of being your parent.

Toothpaste squeezer – $1.50
Mothers (and practically everyone else) love to save money, and by spending $1.50 this one time, you will be saving countless amounts of toothpaste for years of your life. Your mother will appreciate the thought of this gift, and every time she’s finishing a toothpaste bottle, she’ll use this tool, causing her to remember that you bought her such a thoughtful, practical and useful gift.

“Follow Your Dreams Reach For the Stars” glass bottle – $1.50
At this point, your mother may either deeply hug you or slap you for giving her such a present. First, you’re reminding her that she’s given up on her dreams to raise you and insensitively telling her that she should just follow her dreams, when you’re both aware that life isn’t that simple and things like money and people get in the way. On the other hand, she may take this present as you being aware that she’s made sacrifices for you, and that positive attention and recognition for all that she’s given up may make her feel seen and incredibly grateful for you, prompting a deep hug. Proceed at your own risk!

Water gun – $3.00
Finally, giving your mother a water gun will be the perfect present for her, as she’ll probably want to shoot you after you’ve spent $19.00 on her, while she’s probably sacrificed thousands (or more) for you. This way, she can shoot you without getting into any legal trouble or having to deal with a dead child and a homicide charge, although she may prefer the structure of prison to your poor gift-giving skills.

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MAY 10, 2019