The Clog’s guide to where should you study during finals week

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We’re in the home stretch now, and the end of semester is closer than ever. There’s only one thing getting in between you and that glorious three-month break: finals. With exams galore approaching, we at the Clog know that you need to figure out your study spot until it’s all over, and we’re here to help. Take the quiz below to find out where you should be cramming for the next few days.

  1. How many finals do you have?
    1. Finals? Nah, I just need to write these papers.
    2. Just the one!
    3. About the usual, got three.
    4. Don’t ask, it’s not gonna be a fun time …
  2. Where do you usually like to study?
    1. Main Stacks: You can’t beat the peace and quiet.
    2. Eshleman Hall: I need to be within a 5-meter radius of boba at all times.
    3. Home sweet home: I need the option between my sofa and my bed.
    4. Memorial Glade: You can’t beat the feeling of the warm sun on you as you do your readings.
  3. How long can you focus for at a time?
    1. Literally five minutes — I can’t study without Netflix by my side.
    2. 30 minutes to an hour, typically. It’ll depend on my caffeine levels.
    3. I can lock myself in a library all day. The grind is on.
    4. Once I’m in the mood, at least three hours.
  4. Do you get the study munchies?
    1. ALWAYS. I need my Cheetos by my side or life is meaningless.
    2. And make my textbook dirty? I am not a heathen.
    3. I could do with a snack break sometimes.
    4. No, but I do need my coffee.
  5. What type of environment do you need?
    1. Pin-drop silence. I will kill any source of noise.
    2. A low hum in the background really helps me get my grind on.
    3. As long as I have my music, anything works.
    4. If I can eat my snacks, I’m sorted.
  6. Which college are you in?
    1. L&S all the way, dudes! Humanities rock!
    2. We are one with nature here in Natural Resources.
    3. I learn how to build stuff while having mental breakdowns — College of Engineering is home!
    4. Explosions, theory and experiments galore — life is nothing without that chemistry.
    1. The squirrels are your study buddies; you’re up in the trees!
    2. You’ve got a seat reserved on the 5th floor of Moffitt already, all that’s left is for you to get in it!
    3. Studying? Psht, you know you’ve got this in the bag. Go take a break!
    4. Your most loyal friend, your bed. There’s no one you’d rather have your back.


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