How to cope with crippling stress during finals week

Students studying in a group
Matthew Gibson/Staff

Congratulations! You’ve made it past dead week, and all that’s left now is surviving one short and hectic week of exams — then you’re done for the summer (or, if you’re lucky, forever). However, this short week might just be the most stressful yet, especially if you didn‘t take advantage of dead week like you should have. (We’re looking at you, Netflix binge-watchers!) However, we at the Clog have come up with a few ways you can ease your stress and maintain your sanity during this last week of school before freedom.

Eat healthy and exercise!

Get those endorphins rushing by fueling yourself with the proper nutrients (making sure half your plate is filled with veggies is a good way to start!) and moving your body. Exercise doesn‘t have to last hours — just 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training should be enough! This will make for a clear and active mind, one that is ready to take on any exam questions your teachers throw at you!

Spam email all your teachers for extra credit

This one is a must — it’s a quick and easy way to make up for all the times you overslept and missed your discussion section, or for when you chose to grab boba instead of taking your weekly quiz. One simple email begging for a couple grade bumps will ensure your GPA remains at its pristine 2.0.

Get your sleep

There is no way your brain will be able to find the square root of God-knows-what if you’re regularly pulling all-nighters. Ensure you get at least six hours of sleep (eight is ideal) to ensure your brain power is at its optimal level.

Binge-watch Netflix in the hopes that you’ll forget all your problems

If you wasted your entire dead week binge-watching “Game of Thrones” in the hopes of catching up with your friends who are all up to date on season eight fear not! This guilt stemming from your unproductive self can only be assuaged by more binge-watching. Make your way to “GoT” season eight, and at least you’ll feel like you accomplished something over these past few weeks.

Engage in some meditation

Go stand in the middle of Memorial Glade and perform some deep-breathing exercises. Try to maintain mindfulness and clear your mind of negative thoughts. You can also throw in some interpretive dance moves or pretend to be a squirrel and steal people’s food. Maybe letting out a good old-fashioned blood-curdling scream is all you need. Anything goes during these hectic days. You do you, girl.

We hope you enjoyed these easy tips and tricks for maintaining peak brain performance and high performance levels during these stressful times. And remember — if people ever ask you how you’re managing to stay so calm during the utter hell known as finals week, just tell them that the Clog holds the answers.

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