Things to appreciate about campus now that summer is getting closer

View of Berkeley and the bay
Winky Wong/File

Whether you’re staying on campus for summer sessions or you’re about to leave after finals, there are undoubtedly signs that the school year is coming to a close. There may be a few occasions when we wish we weren’t on campus, but here are several things that never fail to brighten our moods as we walk past Doe or Dwinelle.

Pretty flowers

It might just be us, but one of the things we look forward to every day is seeing all the colorful flowers around campus. Each part of campus seems to have its own bright patch of flowers blooming. It’s nice to see a color other than cement gray as you walk through campus.

Feeling the sun’s rays on your skin as you lay on the Glade

With summer comes more opportunities to dress for hot weather. Lecture halls can get really cold sometimes (especially Pimentel), so getting a little crisped under the afternoon sun is welcomed. We hope the warmth of the sun travels through our skin and to our hearts. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to put in a plug for sunscreen.

Vibrant sunsets

As we get closer to summer, the nights get shorter, but that means more opportunities to travel and find the best locations in Berkeley to take pictures of the sunset. While you’re at it, why not sing a Cal spirit chantey and roast some marshmallows with some friends? After a long day of hard work, nothing feels more rewarding than gazing at a painted sky. Next time you’re on campus around sunset, try taking a picture from in front of the Campanile, which has a clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Summer playlists

Now’s the perfect time to start making that playlist you’ve been putting off curating. Whether it’s for getting through finals or just for chilling, in general, there’s no better time to let yourself float off on a cloud of your favorite music than now. You might notice your taste in music has dramatically changed since fall semester or, even better, that one of your favorite artists has released either tour dates or a new single. The feeling of summer can be hard to describe in words, so leave it to the Jonas Brothers instead.

Hanging out with friends

Summer can be bittersweet. On one hand, finals will be over, but on the other hand, there is a chance you won’t see some of your best friends until August. In any case, every moment spent with friends over the summer gives you a special kind of happiness that makes time seem to stop.

Generally, summer is a time for us to not only take a break from deadlines, but also to briefly reflect on our progress and focus on the positive aspects of our lives in the moment. Make it worthwhile!

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