Ways UC Berkeley will haunt you during summer vacation

Arianna Ninh/Staff

In an ideal world, summer vacations would be comprised of endless sun, time spent relaxing with loved ones and an utter and complete escape from the stresses of college. However, we UC Berkeley students know one can never truly escape the clutches of Berkeley, no matter how hard one may try. Here are a few things that’ll remind you of Berkeley, no matter where you happen to be this summer.

People handing out flyers bring forth violent Sproul flashbacks

Any person you see handing out flyers will instantly take you back to dodging club promoters (not the cool kind of club) on Sproul while you try to make your next class.

You’ll cringe every time you see a squirrel

Sure, bystanders may think they’re cute, but you know that these furry little creatures are vicious. Just when you think you’ve gotten as far as is humanly possible from the city of Berkeley, you’ll spot one squirrel and be transported back to memories of wrestling on Memorial Glade with these monsters, fighting over your Chipotle burrito.

Bells tolling remind you of the Campanile

Any noise remotely resembling that of a bell will have you sprinting to the nearest building for fear that you’ve missed the start of your chem lab.

Any screaming will remind you of protests

You’ll be walking down the street, minding your own business, and suddenly hear the sweet sounds of road rage. This mixture of expletives and yelling will make you recall the latest protest you participated in and have you itching to join this angry person in their world-changing movement.

Whirring noises will have you looking over your shoulder …

… just in case there’s a Kiwibot in hot pursuit behind you. Hopefully, said whirring noise won’t arise when you’re standing in the middle of the street about to be hit by an electric car, because then you’ll truly be out of luck.

And there you have it! All the ways you’ll be reminded of dear old Berkeley over summer break. No matter how hard you try to escape it, certain things will always remind you of the place you call home sweet home during the school year.

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