Quiz: Answer obscure questions to find out which new hit single you are

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You don’t have to convince us, we know you’re not procrastinating on all the work you have (even though it’s summer — the grind never stops). We think of this quiz as more of a ~brain break~ anyway. In fact, you’ll probably be more focused after you take it! So, technically speaking, it’s almost like you have to take it — for the sake of your productivity, that is. On that note, let’s get to it. You procrastinate by answering a few seemingly obscure questions, and we here at the Clog will tell you which new single those obscure answers make you.

  1. What’s the last song on your shuffle?
    1. “Imagine” by Ariana Grande
    2. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams
    3. “Daydreamer” by Adele
    4. “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” by Jack Johnson
  2. Where’s your favorite place to study?
    1. On Memorial Glade, maybe at a café or two.
    2. Doe, but I’m not even mad about it.
    3. Eh, let’s be real here — I always just procrastinate on going to the library to eventually do work.
    4. Let me put it this way: If I had a hometown date on “The Bachelor,” it would be at Main Stacks.
  3. What sounds like the perfect type of relaxation you need in your life right about now?
    1. Honestly, I’m pretty chill right now, could be persuaded into a sunset drive.
    2. The best form of relaxation is absolutely none. I could run for miles with the sheer amount of caffeine in my system right now.
    3. Rom-com. Popcorn. I’m there.
    4. A nice yoga sesh, preferably outdoors (as I’m currently at risk of forgetting what sunlight is).
  4. What is your next ideal meal?
    1. An açaí bowl.
    2. Red Bull with a side of iced coffee (but hold the cream and sugar, because clearly health is important to me).
    3. Chocolate chip cookies and strawberries.
    4. You thought I was kidding when I said my “Bachelor” hometown date would be in Main Stacks? Well, joke’s on you, because I may splurge and head a whole floor up for FSM. Wine and dine ‘em, am I right?
  5. What is the last thing you ordered on Amazon?
    1. Something for my summer travels. Au revoir, Berkeley! Can we get a “Go Bears,” though?
    2. A “Keep On Keeping On” laptop sticker. (You cringed a little when you put it in your cart, don’t lie.)
    3. A scrapbook. Cue the universal “aww.”
    4. Index cards.
  6. What did you do the second you finished your last final?
    1. Shotgunned a beer at the Campanile just for kicks.
    2. Asked every single person — acquainted or not, no discrimination here — if they chose C or D for number 53, then promptly explained why it was obviously C and made them question their very existence.
    3. Popped in my headphones and sent it to the top of the Campanile for one last look back on the years of memories :,)
    4. Took a breath. Honestly, I was unsure of the last time I inhaled.
    1. “If I Can’t Have You” by Shawn Mendes. Life has been going your way lately, hasn’t it? If nothing else, it’s been going Shawn Mendes’ way with this new chart-topper. And at the end of the day, if Shawn is happy, we are too.
    2. Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie’s new (we feel uncomfortable saying “hit”) single, “ME!” Good news: You probably breezed through the year, chipper as always, with a smile on your face. Bad news: Everyone hates you for your glee. Everyone.
    3. “I Don’t Care” by Ed Sheeran x the Biebs. Hey, it might be true that you didn’t care about your exams, but finals clearly had you feeling some type of way.
    4. Vampire Weekend just dropped its first album in approximately a decade. If we were a betting Clog, we’d place our bets that that was you emerging from your (practically decade-long) hibernation in Stacks to soak up the sun and chill vibes of summer with “Harmony Hall”!

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