Some things to remember if you’re leaving Berkeley this summer

Illustration of a person with frizzy hair thinking about Berkeley
Samantha Patten/Staff

Summer vacation is officially in full swing. Now’s the time to stay as far away from UC Berkeley as possible and finally relax. That might mean you are planning to leave the state of California. If you’re planning to go outside of the state at some point this summer, you might realize that not everywhere is just like Berkeley. Here are some things to remember if you’re planning to leave the state or the Bay Area.

Humidity exists

It can sometimes be hard to notice how dry and nice the air in California is. This isn’t a given for most of the country. In many places, the second you step outside, the wet air will be the first thing you notice. Just something to keep in mind when you’re traveling.

Boba isn’t a given

Boba might be one of the easiest things to find and get in Berkeley. It’s normal to feel that there’ll be a boba shop a short walking distance away wherever you go. This isn’t the always the case outside of California. If you are addicted to boba, then it might be a good idea to check whether where you’re staying has a place that serves boba somewhere nearby. If you don’t, you might have to go without any boba for days or weeks, which could be terrible depending on how badly you’re addicted.

Few people understand what you learned in class

UC Berkeley is filled with intelligent people. Most people here will probably understand what you have been studying in class after you explain it to them once or twice. Outside of Berkeley, you’ll find more people who won’t have any idea what you’re talking about. If you try explaining the theory of relativity to your 5-year-old neighbor back home, they likely won’t get it, no matter how many times you explain. It’s probably best to wait until you return to campus to revisit those topics.

It can get very hot

Berkeley is near the ocean, and because of this, it very rarely gets very hot. However, while you’re in Berkeley, those days that are warmer seem like hot days in perspective. It’ll make traveling to someplace away from the ocean seem like it has hellish levels of heat. This is also twice as true for many humid places, as the water in the air makes it feel warmer. Just pack accordingly, and think that getting used to the warmer weather will make Berkeley feel cool and nice in contrast when you come back.

Life isn’t always stressful

UC Berkeley is a stressful place. If there’s one common experience between students, it’s a feeling of stress at some point. Sometimes, it can feel like a defining feature of life. This isn’t the case once you’re free of Berkeley. On vacation, you can actually relax and not worry about deadlines. Take the time to enjoy yourself, and remember that relaxing is a part of life, too, not just a frivolous distraction.

So whether or not you’re a couple weeks into your three-month Netflix binge or taking lots of summer classes before a short vacation, hopefully this list is useful. Enjoy your summer, and remember that there’s a world out there that isn’t Berkeley.

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