Berkeley police arrest 3 suspects in connection to May 1 shooting; 1 suspect remains at large

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Updated 6/4/19: This article has been updated to reflect additional information  from BPD spokesperson Officer Byron White.

Three suspects were arrested in connection to a May 1 shooting on 62nd Street, and one suspect was still at large and was considered armed and dangerous, according to an email from Berkeley Police Department spokesperson Officer Byron White sent on Thursday.

According to White, the suspect who was at large, Jamel Wilcox, turned himself in on Monday.

According to court documents, investigators identified four suspects, constituting two groups of people who participated in the shooting after a verbal altercation. All four suspects were identified through video surveillance footage from Stanford Liquor, according to court documents. On Tuesday, three suspects were charged with attempted murder, and Oakland resident Deandre Bess was charged with being an accessory to attempted murder, according to White.

On May 23, members of BPD arrested suspects Justin Lofton and Isabella Saturn in Oakland, according to White. Saturn identified Lofton in the video and said Lofton shot at the other two suspects, Wilcox and Bess. Saturn also admitted to driving Lofton from the scene after the shooting, according to court documents.

According to White, BPD detectives arrested Bess in Oakland on May 15. Bess was charged with accessory after the fact for having knowledge of the attempted murder and for harboring and concealing Wilcox, whom he arrived at the scene of the shooting with, according to court documents.

According to court documents, multiple bullet casings were found at the area toward which Wilcox and Bess were seen walking in the surveillance video. The vehicle that Saturn and Lofton arrived at the scene in was located by BPD and had a shattered window, a broken rear windshield wiper and an entry hole for a bullet on the roof lining of the vehicle.


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