7 essentials to pack for your day at the pool

Infographic of essential items to have at a pool in summer
Kaitlan Tseng/Senior Staff

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Although Berkeley’s weather is not quite up to date with summer, there is no doubt that soon enough, we’ll have the perfect weather to dip our toes in the water — and we’re not talking about Strawberry Creek. Yeah, we’re talking about finally going to the pool. But given how rare pool days are around Berkeley, you might be wondering what to bring. Well, good news! We’re here to help with a list of pool essentials you’ll need to make your pool day worth the wait.


A Bluetooth speaker

With no clear outlets around the pool (for obvious reasons), having a Bluetooth speaker is essential to get your pool vibes popping. Make sure to charge it up the night before and curate a playlist. Some favorites to keep the day relaxing and enjoyable are Frank Ocean’s Blonde, Beyoncé’s Lemonade or Tyler, the Creator’s newest album IGOR; with these tunes, it’ll officially feel like summer while you chill poolside.


A portable charger

If you’re lounging around the pool and playing lots of music, expect to burn through a lot of your phone’s battery. Don’t let your day be ruined because after 30 sweet minutes at the pool, your phone’s suddenly at 10 percent. A portable charger can also be used to charge your Bluetooth speaker if that ends up dying as well. With most portable chargers being small, you can easily throw them in your bag on your way to the pool.



Yes, this may seem obvious, but as college students, we try to do the least amount of work possible in getting ready. Although sunscreen may seem like a hassle to put on when you would rather jump straight into the pool, you need to protect your skin. You know what will be even more of a hassle? Having a blistering sunburn that makes every move excruciating the next day. UC Berkeley’s academics are already aging us enough; don’t let sun rays speed up the process!


Sunglasses or a hat

Nothing is more irritating than the sun getting in your eyes when you’re trying to relax and have a good time outside. Pack something to keep your eyes protected from the glaring rays — these essentials could truly make or break how much fun you have at the pool.


Pool floats

Chilling by the pool is one thing, but chilling in the pool can unlock a new level of relaxation. Pool floats can range from large floaties you can lie in to the childhood classics: pool noodles. Everyone loves the feeling of just floating around and not having to do too much physical activity.


A volleyball

The pool can get boring if all you’re doing is paddling around. An easy fix is to bring a volleyball — or really any ball that will float in water. Volleyballs can be used in many fun games like keep-away and water polo, and even just tossing it around could be entertaining.



All that exercise from swimming or lounging by the pool can cause your hunger to soar. Packing easy snacks, like chips and carrots, will make your pool day a breeze and ensure you get your maximum amount of sun time — no one wants to have to leave early because their stomach is growling. You can even reminisce on your childhood summers and make your own custom Popsicles! All you need is a Popsicle mold and any type of liquid. Let your creativity blossom and make Popsicles you definitely can’t find in stores, like Coca-Cola-flavored ones or even margarita Popsicles — the possibilities are truly endless.


So, there you have it! Pack these things along with the obvious essentials like towels and a change of clothes, and you’ll be ready to make the most of your pool day. Then, just cross your fingers that the summer weather is almost here!

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