Fun in the sun: Decompressing during summer

Sam Albillo/Staff
Summer is the perfect time to find your green thumb and enjoy some flora and fauna. Berkeley Rose Garden volunteer Denise Carlson shows us how it's done.

Listen in to the conversations of students drinking coffee at Free Speech Movement Café, sit in on a discussion after a chemical engineering exam or even peep the UC Berkeley meme page, and you will find one strong commonality: UC Berkeley students are stressed. And not only are we stressed, but we also love talking about how stressed we are. Discussions overheard throughout campus often revolve around the insane amount of Foucault reading we had to do, how difficult the Computer Science 61A midterm was or how many hours it took to complete a single math problem set. This is why it is imperative for students to take time during the summer to decompress and focus on things other than our studies. The upcoming warm months provide an ample opportunity for unwinding, slowing down and recharging our batteries to face the fall semester with the best possible mindset. Here are some recommendations from The Daily Californian’s photo department on the best ways to unwind this summer.

Youth in Wilderness students take a break from a hot, uphill hike in Big Sur, California. If making it to Big Sur seems like a trek, there are plenty of good hikes in Berkeley, too.

Few sensations are as refreshing as taking a dip on a warm day. A Youth in Wilderness student cools off in the waters of Big Sur’s Arroyo Seco.

Fruit is nature’s most delicious way of nourishing us and keeping us cool. The summer season boasts many produce options, including stone fruits and berries.

If you’re not an outdoorsy type, that’s OK. Movie studios love releasing films during the summer, so be sure to catch a few showings, perhaps at a theater in Downtown Berkeley.

Used book stores are filled with cheap and interesting stories just waiting to be read by someone like you. Use the spare change lying around on your counter and all the extra time you have this summer to go and pick one up. Moe’s Books on Southside offers many great options, as does Half Price Books in Downtown Berkeley.

Sam Albillo is the assistant photo editor. Contact him at [email protected].