Ways you can avoid swimming in the summer blues


Summer is a great time to do nothing and relax. However, sometimes you can relax a little too much. You can tell you’ve reached that point when relaxing makes you feel drained instead of refreshed. But that’s a wasteful way to spend a summer! Here are some things you can do to keep yourself (or pull yourself) out of those summer blues.

Make plans with friends

Chances are, wherever you are for the summer, you have some friends around. Why not make some plans with them? Maybe take a day trip somewhere. Not only will it break up the monotony of relaxation that’s fueling your summer blues, but you’ll also be more likely to follow through on your plan. Your friends can hold you accountable so it feels a little more definite and less like something you can blow off to keep watching Netflix.

Pick up an old hobby again

Sometimes it can be good to have something to do without having to rely on other people. A good option is to do a hobby you haven’t done in a while. If you’re spending your summer at your parents’ house, all the stuff you need should be right there. Picking up a hobby again should remind you of why you started it in the first place, and that joy can bring you out of your summer blues.

Go outside

The two options above can require a big time investment. If you want a quick way to stave off your summer blues, then your best bet is to go outside. Taking a walk out in the sun usually makes one feel a little better. Besides, summer is the season of blue skies and sunshine. After all that rain last semester, why not enjoy the sun while you can?

Try to be positive

No matter what you do during the summer, the best way to avoid the summer blues is to be positive. It may not be possible all of the time, but it sure is worth it. Tell yourself that it’s all right if you aren’t doing anything special. It’s called summer break for a reason. Take joy in whatever you do to pass the time. Choose joy in the summer days that are set out for you.

Do something that sounds fun

Summer is a chance to do anything you want. If something sounds fun, why not take a chance on it? Try to do things that will make you happy. If something no longer seems fun, try something else. If relaxing is no longer what you need, get up and out. If you have a summer job, use the free time you do have to make yourself happy and remind yourself that it’s summer. 

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas on how to avoid getting down in the pressing heat of summer. Remember: You shouldn’t let summer be a stressful or sad time, especially if that’s how the semester usually leaves you feeling. There’s no reason not to let summer be a break from all that.

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