Hobbies to keep you busy during your free time this summer

Illustration of box of guitar, basketball, sketchbook, and camera
Olivia Staser/Staff

For those of you with just a couple of summer classes or a part-time job that only keeps you busy, well, part of the time, perhaps you’re in need of something fulfilling to do. So why not pick up an old hobby? If you’re living in your childhood home for the summer, you likely still have most of the materials you need to start up again lying around. Here are several suggestions of hobbies you can take up to pass the free time you have.


All you need is a blank journal — no lines on the pages — and you can start scribbling. Whether you’re filling a book or miscellaneous pages with juvenile doodles or hyperrealistic portraits, sketching can be a calming hobby that easily passes the time. And it’s very portable — take it with you to a café or a beach, or draw in the comfort of your own bed covers.


Here’s a prime opportunity to fill up one of those empty journals you have stacked in a pile of unread books near your bed (and more on that later). You can journal your day or write haikus or reflect on the previous semester. This hobby is another portable one, so take your journal wherever you go and fill it with any and every idea that pops into your head. Capture your creative genius.


Read a book! We at the Clog may be a bit hypocritical in recommending this, as we, too, struggle to find both the time and the motivation to get back into reading books regularly. But this summer may really be the perfect time for you to read one of the books you bought because it sounded interesting, or one that you just never finished a few summers back. Maybe someone recently recommended a book to you. Escape into the realm of the narrative; let go of the stresses of work or summer classes. And of course, this hobby is portable, too. Throw the current book you’re reading in your backpack and go.

A sport

Do you still have that basketball you haven’t picked up since high school? Put some air back in it and walk down to the local elementary or high school. Were you on the tennis team in high school? Go find your racket and a friend or family member to hit balls back and forth for an afternoon. You can bike; you can lap swim (especially in this heat); you can hit the ice rink and work on re-perfecting that single axel while the ice keeps you cool. Your options here are endless. Get back on the grind — for fun.


Whether you’re taking Polaroids or digitals, bring a camera with you when you go out with friends. It can be a camera you purchased recently, a still-functioning one from middle school or a disposable one from the store down the street. Take pictures of everything and anything — whatever keeps your gaze. Capture the shameful moments and the beautiful moments — you’ll thank us years from now for them all.

There you have it, folks. Here’s a relatively short list of the hobbies you have to choose from. Look through your childhood room or the garage of your childhood home and you’ll probably find something. And remember: Nothing you create has to be perfect. Whatever you decide to do with your free time, may it bring you joy and fulfillment.

Skylar Sjoberg is the assistant blog editor. Contact Skylar Sjoberg at [email protected].