Tips on how to give your father figure the perfect Father’s Day

Illustration of a father and two kids playing golf
Emily Bi/Senior Staff

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we should prepare to provide our father figures with the best day possible. After many trials and errors, we have compiled a list of five foolproof activities and doting gestures you should consider when planning this special day.

Go outdoors together

Some dads love a day of athleticism and adventure. Outdoor activities can include fishing, go-karting, hiking, swimming and more. Whether it be golfing or camping that your dad prefers, dads love outdoor activities even more in the company of their families. And while you may dread some of his favorite hobbies, try doing it for him just this one day of the year. The time you spend together is valuable, and you just might create unbelievable memories with your dad.

Grill together

Father’s Day is a day of celebration and family gathering, which means food will likely be extremely important at this event. Fire up your grill and cook something wonderful for your dad. Better yet, let him take the lead while he teaches you a couple of things about grilling. Perhaps nothing else would make him happier than for you to let him be your dad.

Watch his favorite movies together

Sit back on your couch with your dad and watch a couple of movies together. Laugh together; get emotional together. Learn which kinds of movies he likes and which ones he doesn’t. Whether you know it at the time or not, this is a great way to bond with your parents.

Give him a present

This is probably the hardest part about Father’s Day, as parents are often more financially secure than we college students are, and parents can be hard to shop for — but remind yourself that it’s the thought that counts. If you can, consider gifting your dad something fancy, like a nice watch, wallet or technological device. Upon careful review, we’ve discovered that health supplements, like vitamins, omega-3 and ginseng can also make wonderful Father’s Day gifts.

Tell him how much you love him

Sometimes it’s hard to be expressive toward your dad, especially when he isn’t expressive himself. Take this day to tell him that you still really love him. It just might surprise him. Father’s Day doesn’t come every day, so make it special and make it count.

After all, our fathers and father figures have sacrificed for us over the years, and they deserve at least one special day for themselves and their favorite things. Thank you to all the selfless dads out there, and we hope you have the very best Father’s Day.

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