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Things that are best enjoyed during a summer heat wave

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JUNE 17, 2019

Summer is synonymous with sunny days and hot weather. That can make the season a little unbearable at times. However, hot summer days are an opportunity. There are some things that can only be truly enjoyed when you do them in the heat. Here are some examples.

Eating frozen dessert outside

Ice cream and other frozen desserts can be quite tasty. However, they can also make you feel cold. It’s hard to enjoy one of these outside when it makes you feel cold, even if the temperature was perfect before eating. Luckily, this isn’t the case when it’s hot out. The dessert will cool you off, but it’ll feel much nicer on a hot day.

Swimming in an outdoor pool

There’s a reason why water parks aren’t open during the winter. It’s not fun to get out of the pool all soaked and then freeze. Warm weather alleviates this problem. If you have a pool in your backyard, then just hop in and take a refreshing dip. Water parks are another option for some water fun, if you don’t mind public pools or waterslides. On a really hot day, just getting soaked (be it swimming in a pool or getting sprayed with a hose) can feel really good.

Enjoy the indoors

Sometimes it’s too hot outside to even function. When that’s the case, nobody can blame you for spending all of your time indoors. Air conditioning and the internet will be your companions that keep you comfortable and entertained. Unlike during the rest of the year, there’s no reason for you to feel guilty for staying inside in the summer, when it’s too warm outside to even think.

Read in the shade

When you’re stuck outside in the heat, shade is your friend. A relaxing way to spend a summer afternoon is to sit in the shade and read a book for fun. It’s a chill way to pass the time outdoors without sweating a lot. It can also make the world feel a little more serene. Whether you’re sitting underneath a tree or out on the beach under an umbrella, it’ll still feel nice to unwind and forget about the heat. There’s an added bonus if you’re reading on the beach, as that’s a great summer cliché that’ll make you feel like it’s actually summer.

Hopefully these options have given you some ideas on what to do during the next heat wave. Remember to drink plenty of water when you go outside and not to push yourself too hard. That should allow you to go out there and enjoy the hot weather.

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JUNE 17, 2019