4 ways to prepare for your summer classes at UC Berkeley

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JUNE 19, 2019

A month has already passed since the last day of instruction, and it’s now time for exciting summer classes! Don’t worry — summer classes are a great way to have fun in school while finishing a couple of requirements. Sessions A and B have already started, but since sessions C, D and E have yet to start, here are a few ways to prepare for your summer classes.

Set long-term goals

Setting goals is always a good way to start your semester, but since you’re taking classes over your break, it’s easy to feel lazy and slack off. However, the pace of your summer semester can carry over to your fall semester as well. Also, don’t forget that these units count toward your GPA, too! It’s a good way to get in the groove for your upcoming fall and spring semesters without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Try out both popular and unique classes

Summer classes tend to be more chill and open. Classes are less packed; your enrollment chances for popular classes are higher. You can also take this opportunity to enroll in classes outside of what you’re used to. Chances are, taking those classes is going to be more difficult in the following semester.

Don’t forget that summer terms are compressed

Summer classes move fast. You’re compressing four months of lectures, homework and studying into three to 10 weeks. You can’t wait another week to finish your project, study for finals or go to office hours because one week can literally be a third of all your classes. Don’t slack off! Manage your time well.

Keep up with school and your social calendar

As mentioned above, classes move fast, but summer is also full of fun concerts, events, work and more. These are just as important as your classes themselves. Don’t forget to devote some time to having fun with friends outside of lectures and discussions. Manage your time well, and you can have the most fun while taking classes at UC Berkeley.

We at the Clog hope these tips make your summer both enjoyable and worthwhile.

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JUNE 19, 2019