Common personal injuries in NYC

When you put 8.6 million people together on an island, you can be certain that there is going to be a fairly steady rate of injuries that they cause each other. Some are accidents, others are intentional, but all victims deserve to get some support for their injuries regardless of how it happened. In the event that someone is injured as a result of someone else’s actions (or inaction), and the injuries amount to measurable damages, then they may be able to seek additional compensation in the form of a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal injuries come in a wide range of varieties, but some are more common than others. Take a look below at some of the most common personal injuries that the New York courts hear. If you have suffered from an injury and are ready to pursue a lawsuit, or if you are unsure of your options, contact Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff so you can figure out the next steps to take. Like many personal injury attorneys, they offer a free initial consultation to people who want to get a better idea of what happens next in their situation.

Slip and Fall

A slip and fall is just one form of an injury known as a “premise liability,” that puts the liability on the party responsible for the upkeep of a property to keep visitors safe. In order for your situation to qualify as a slip and fall that you can seek compensation for, you must have been allowed on the property in most cases (meaning you were not trespassing), and you must be able to show that the party responsible for maintaining the property failed at their duty.

Part of deciding whether or not they failed is determining how realistic it is that they were able to become aware of the hazard and if they were aware of it, to determine that they failed at taking proper steps to either fix the situation or provide you with adequate warning of the problem.

These types of injuries occur when someone slips on ice or a wet floor, trips on unsafe stairs with broken treads or missing handrails, or other similar situations.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are a common occurrence in New York City, and even a car accident at low speed puts everyone involved at risk of an injury like whiplash. In many cases, the injuries go far beyond whiplash and include everything from fractured bones to traumatic brain injuries, and unfortunately even can be fatal.

For a car accident to have a legitimate personal injury claim, the victim must be able to show that the driver who caused the accident failed to operate their vehicle safely, and by doing so failed to keep the victim and all others safe. This can include things like drunk driving, texting while driving or other distracted forms of driving, reckless driving and speeding, and other situations. Eyewitness accounts are a great way of determining how an accident was caused if you aren’t 100% certain.

Bicycle Accidents

When you put cars and bikes on the same street at the same time, there will always, unfortunately, be a risk of an accident. In many cases, these accidents are a result of drivers overlooking a cyclist, not understanding the rules of sharing a lane with bikes or cutting across a bike lane without realizing.

If a cyclist is injured because a driver violates a traffic rule or engages in reckless behavior that put the cyclist at risk, then they may be able to seek compensation that goes beyond the amount that the driver’s insurance will initially offer them. It is always a good idea for an injured cyclist to talk with a personal injury attorney in NYC about their situation before making any decisions about whether or not to accept the insurance offer.

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