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Best restaurants to visit in Japantown, San Francisco

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JUNE 24, 2019

Summer is the perfect time to travel, but as students, not all of us have the bank to afford such a trip. Alternatively, Japantown, conveniently located in San Francisco, can give you a taste of Japanese culture and cuisine without draining your wallet. We at the Clog have listed some destinations we recommend you go to when you visit Japantown.

Sophie’s Crepes

Crepes are a must try in Japantown. At Sophie’s Crepes, you can customize your own crepe and watch it being made in front of you. The crepes are large and priced reasonably, but keep in mind that this shop is cash-only. The crispness of the outer shell combined with the silkiness and sweetness of the Nutella inside make for a perfect combination, and it’s well worth your money. Sophie’s Crepes is rated well on Yelp, proving that it’s widely approved by customers.

Marufuku Ramen

If you want a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine, visit Marufuku Ramen. The Hakata ramen is well known for its rich and smooth taste. You can personalize many aspects of your ramen, like the texture of your noodles, the spice level and various add-ins. The broth is savory and complements the ramen well. Marufuku is a popular spot, so we recommend you arrive early to avoid the crowd.

Udon Mugizo

Sometimes, the wait at Marufuku can be unbearably long. That’s why you can head over to Udon Mugizo, which is right across from Marufuku. The luxurious, homemade noodles are served with a flavorful broth. There’s a wide variety of mouthwatering udon options to choose from, including my favorite, plum seaweed udon. You can add extra toppings that come at an additional cost such as egg, fish cake and sweet corn. The nice and quick customer service here is an extra bonus.


If you’re looking for delicious food but also a memorable experience, come to Benihana. The food is cooked right in front of you at the chef’s table. To make it entertaining, the chef will perform various tricks and acts while cooking the food. Then, the chef will serve you the tasty teppanyaki-style cuisine. The line here is always long, so be sure to make a reservation beforehand.

With all of these places to visit, your trip to Japantown will be fun and enjoyable. If you’re still looking for more, we’ve got you covered: Japantown is known for hosting fun events, including anime conventions and cooking workshops. As a bonus, after eating all that food, we recommend you stop by Kinokuniya, an aesthetic bookstore that has products ranging from Marie Kondo’s book about tidying up, “Spark Joy,” to Studio Ghibli-themed stationery. You can save thousands of dollars and still get to experience Japanese culture and cuisine. If you love Japantown, you should consider taking a trip to the nearby Chinatown. Bring your friends along and come explore the vivid cultures within the city of San Francisco.

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JUNE 26, 2019