Summer in book form: An ode to the beach read

Illustration of a person reading a book at the beach
Ariel Lung/Senior Staff

Beach reads can get a bad rap. They’re characterized as not having any depth. The assumption is that the literature is easy to pick up and read. And though this might be true, it doesn’t make beach reads any less worthwhile. The beach read, with its gripping plot that can be either light or tense, is like summer in the form of a book. For that reason alone, beach reads are pretty great.

There’s a beach read for whatever your taste may be. Not all beach reads are romance novels. All it takes for a book to be a beach read is that entertainment is its primary goal. It’s meant to pull you in and hold you while you read. There are plenty of mysteries and thrillers that fit this bill. Even if you feel like no book is to your taste after the thousands of pages you had to read last semester, you might be pleasantly surprised — reading feels a lot nicer when the book is trying to be enjoyable.

And much like summer, beach reads are a reminder that not everything has to be tough. Sometimes, it’s alright to do something that isn’t academic or “deep.” Reading a beach read can be relaxing or at least make your problems seem farther away. It can act as a reminder that relaxation is important — a fact that is easily forgotten after a stressful semester at UC Berkeley.

The beach read also plays an important role during summer, specifically. The summer is full of times when there’s nothing to do, and all this free time can be so dull that it sucks the fun out of summer. Beach reads are a fun way to take up that time. They keep summer fun light, and they might even leave you feeling productive.

Here’s to the beach read. It may not be heavy literature, but it does capture the spirit of summer. Not only does it keep summer fun, but the engaging plot and entertaining story exemplify the best summer you could have. So go out there and read a beach read. You’ll be glad you did.

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