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5 trending queer female artists you have to check out

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JUNE 26, 2019

2019 has definitely been a blossoming year for queer female artists. More artists are becoming comfortable publicizing their sexuality, spreading hope and love to their audience. They’ve become role models for girls who haven’t had queer female figures to look up to before. In celebration of Pride this month, here are five hot and trendy queer female artists you should definitely listen to in this summer.

Hayley Kiyoko

Nicknamed “Lesbian Jesus,” Hayley Kiyoko is a singer, songwriter, choreographer and director. Although she originally debuted as a member of a group called The Stunners, she really rose to fame after her solo music video “Girls Like Girls,” which she also wrote and directed. Her music videos are gold, and they catch the attention of many queer females. They’re beautiful and very well-directed, and they portray queer love in a realistic, yet romantic way — they truly bring her electro-pop music to life, and it makes the experience so much better.


FLETCHER made her debut through the first American season of “The X Factor” and has been consistently releasing music ever since. She has an incredible voice that is both emotional and powerful, and it suits her moody and stylish pop style of music perfectly. 2019 has been her biggest year so far, with all three of her singles released this year doing spectacularly well. “Undrunk” is probably her biggest hit to date. She’s currently touring with LANY, a very popular indie band.

Girl in Red

If ’80s indie rock if your thing, try listening to Girl in Red. Not much is known about her because she pretty much stays under the radar, but she started gaining popularity after uploading her mixes to SoundCloud. Now, she posts music videos of her singles on YouTube. She is known for her casual but authentic style of music, as she has stated that she records and mixes her music in her bedroom. She sometimes even directs her own music videos in her backyard.


An Oakland native, Kehlani’s biggest hit is probably “Gangsta,” which came out in “Suicide Squad” as the theme song for Harley Quinn and the Joker’s relationship. Her music is mostly chill and great to listen to when you want to unwind and relax. Her first studio album, SweetSexySavage, was a huge hit, and she went off to do collaborations with major artists, such as Eminem, Demi Lovato and Cardi B.

St. Vincent

If you want to listen to extremely unique pop songs, St. Vincent is your go-to. She received positive reviews from critics for her albums, eventually winning her first Grammy for best alternative music album in 2015. Her music is known for its wide array of instruments and complex arrangements, so it gives off a very mystical, full vibe.

These are just a few female queer artists; there are countless number of these amazing icons, influencers and activists in the world today. They fight for equality, and they stand for their loved ones. They confidently publicize their sexualities to let members of the LGBTQ+ community know that they’re not alone. On top of that, they release breathtaking music. What’s not to like?

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JUNE 26, 2019