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How to dress when it's hot: Tips on fabric, color, fit and accessories

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JUNE 30, 2019

The temperature change from spring to summer is drastic, so it feels like an updated wardrobe is needed. But dressing for hot weather can be difficult, and the last thing you want to be dripping in is sweat. Here are some tips to help you achieve a stylish look while keeping cool. 

Choose the right fabrics.

You want to look for breathable fabrics that will help circulate the air around you and reduce body odor. To test its breathability, hold the clothing item up to a light — if it’s somewhat see-through, that’s a good sign. Cotton, rayon and linen are popular options. Avoid fabrics like polyester, nylon and silk, which may look nice but will cling to your body and heat you up. Although jeans look nice, they’re a no-go, because thick denim will make you feel extremely hot.

Wear lighter colors.

Your best bet for staying cool is to wear light colors that absorb less heat than dark colors. Brighter, more vivid colors are not only fashionable, but they will reflect the sunlight and keep you (close to) sweat-free. A subtle pastel color looks calm, reflects the happiness of summer and also keeps you cooler. In general, any color on the lighter end of the color spectrum will treat you well. 

Find the right fit.

Skintight clothes can become sticky and uncomfortable in hot weather, so opt for flowy and loose instead. T-shirts and dresses are perfect for just that. The less fabric clinging to your skin, the freer you will feel. A long skirt with room to twirl will do you more good than a tight one. 


To spice up your ultra heat-conscious outfit, a few accessories may be what you’re looking for to stay stylish. Sunglasses and straw hats protect you from the sun and can also make your outfit look snatched. 

With these tips, we hope you feel comfortable and fresh. Something as simple as changing the fabrics or colors you typically go for can prevent embarrassing sweat stains. Share these tips with your friends and family to help them survive the heat in style, too! 

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JUNE 30, 2019