Relaxing ways to celebrate the 4th of July at home Commons

Although your city may already have fun Fourth of July events planned for you, those events tend to get extremely crowded and overwhelming, defeating the purpose of a chill and relaxing day spent with friends and family. From throwing your own party to singing your heart out, you can celebrate this special day in the comfort of your own home. We here at the Clog have compiled fun activities you can do at home to celebrate Independence Day the way it should be. 

Throw a party

Invite your friends over and celebrate together! If you have space, a backyard cookout could bring your party to the next level. There’s nothing better than the smell of barbecuing sausages on the grill. To show your patriotism, hang up decorations and wear patriotic clothing. 

Bring the fireworks to you 

Watching outdoor fireworks can make your ears explode, and you’ll likely get crammed with other families. An alternative is to bring the fireworks to you instead. Make fireworks out of balloons or even try out sparklers. Be sure to check whether fireworks are legal in your city. If both of these are too crafty for you, you can opt to watch live videos of firework shows online. 

Test your knowledge of America

See how much you actually know about U.S. history. Believe it or not, independence was not actually declared on the Fourth of July. Do you know when it was declared? If not, it looks like you should brush up your knowledge of Independence Day. 

Tune in to patriotic songs

It’s time to stray away from your usual Spotify playlists and bop to some patriotic tunes like “The Star-Spangled Banner.” You could also try out karaoke. Just don’t sing too loud, or else your neighbors might think you’re crazy. 

With all of these options, you won’t have a stressful day finding a parking spot in a crowded area. We hope that you can let out your inner patriotism and, most importantly, have fun! 

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