5 healthy snacks that won’t ruin your dinner appetite

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We all know that feeling at 4 p.m. when we get super hungry. It’s too early for dinner, and you already had lunch. You have to save your appetite for dinner, but you feel like you need to eat something or else you’ll faint. Here are five light, healthy and affordable snacks that will help you combat your hunger while retaining your appetite for dinner.

Roasted chickpeas

Chickpeas are packed with protein and various nutrients that’ll energize your body the right way. They’re great with either sweet or savory flavors, and there are so many DIY recipes out there (pumpkin spice-flavored chickpeas, cajun-flavored, caramel butter and more). Sometimes you want a pre-meal snack because you’re bored. Just a few bites of something intensely flavorful will help with this, and roasted chickpeas are great to munch while counting down the time until dinner.

Peanut butter cookies

All you need are three ingredients to make these delicious cookies at home: peanut butter, maple syrup and salt! (Optional: You can put flaxseeds for an extra boost of energy.) Mix these three ingredients to make your batter, and bake in the oven. They’ll taste incredibly nutty and rich.

Vegetable and fruit chips

Oftentimes, you feel guilty munching on chips before dinner because they’re high in calories and sodium. A healthy alternative is vegetable chips. Many stores have really good options for these chips that are low in sodium, fat and calories. You can also easily make them at home if you have an oven or an air fryer. Some favorites include sweet potato chips, banana chips and zucchini chips!


This Mediterranean dipping sauce explodes with flavor in your mouth, and it’s very healthy, too. You can dip anything in hummus to make the flavor 10 times better. Some common options are raw vegetables (like carrots, cucumbers and celery), pretzels and pita chips. These are all light and healthy, perfect for a pre-dinner snack.

Chocolate energy bites

There are hundreds of ways to make energy bites you can snack on, but the best ones are the ones with chocolate. You can buy these in stores, but making them at home yields the best flavors. You get to choose what goes in your snacks! These are packed with protein, fiber and good fat, so you don’t have to feel guilty enjoying these before dinnertime.

Snacking is a good way for us to energize our bodies throughout the day. Most times, meals are just not enough, and we feel lethargic. These five snack ideas are healthy, affordable and light so that you don’t have to worry about ruining your appetite for dinner.

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