The Clog’s ultimate Spotify playlist of K-pop songs

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Whether you’re into the K-pop world or not, it can be overwhelming with all the different artists. To make it simple for you, we’ve compiled the ultimate playlist for you to bop to. Here, we’ve described our top five on the playlist, but there are so many more for you to check out!

“NO ONE” Lee Hi, B.I of iKON

Lee Hi’s long-awaited comeback is a serious bop with an ethereal vibe. This is a unique, low-tempo track with soft percussion and jazz instruments. After the opening, “NO ONE” transitions into a swaggy and jazzy feeling when B.I comes in. The rhythm is melodic, and you’ll find yourself playing this on repeat. 

“Breakthrough” TWICE 

“Breakthrough” is an electro-pop track filled with funk-inspired synth chords. The retro-inspired, distorted song pulls off a badass vibe, which is different from the normal cute vibe that TWICE strives for. This production features a rap section and a harmonized vocal section while achieving a catchy chorus. 

“Outta My Head” SOMI

SOMI finally debuted as a solo artist, and it was well worth the wait. The song starts off slow with a calm rhythm, and it stays that way throughout. There is a wide range of vocals and the chorus is mellow. The carefree vibe fits well with the instruments as well as the lyrics. The title track, “BIRTHDAY,” is more sassy, while this song is chill and relaxing in comparison. 


“ME” is an intense EDM-pop mix with a powerful bass line. The unique opening is followed by the bass and then a smooth transition into an unexpected, hard-hitting chorus. The instruments sound mechanical and feature a short silence before getting back into the chorus and the rap. The upbeat, powerful rhythm gives off an energetic delivery. 

“Uh-Oh” — (G)I-dle

“Uh-Oh” is a neatly produced hip-hop track with some pop influence and a blend of instruments laying the melody through the song. The distorted opening leads into an early-2000s-hip-hop-inspired song. The flow of the song and the staccato strings in the background will leave this song stuck in your head. 

Even if you can’t understand the lyrics, you’ll be able to speak Korean in no time — you just might not know what you’re saying. Check out the rest of the playlist whenever you have time, and you won’t regret it!


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