Yungblud’s tenacity never falls short at sold-out San Francisco show

Skylar De Paul/Staff

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If you couldn’t tell from Yungblud’s music, this artist has more energy than he knows what to do with. And when it comes to live performances, this spirit only makes for an unrelenting night of sound and sweat. The edgy Doncaster artist, otherwise known as Dominic Harrison, sold out the Great American Music Hall on June 18, playing a night of upbeat tunes to his crowd of rowdy teenagers in pink getups and spiked jean jackets on the Don’t Wanna Be a Loner Tour.

Donning his famous pink socks with a bright pink, patched and studded jumpsuit, the 21-year-old jumped straight into “21st Century Liability” the minute his feet touched the ground — which was a rare occurrence, considering the constant jumping and high kicks that greeted the audience.

During Yungblud’s performance of “I Love You, Will You Marry Me,” the crowd sang so loudly that the artist often had to take a step back from the microphone to absorb the love, dishing out shining smiles of disbelief. Moments like this happened consistently throughout the show, with Harrison seemingly shocked by the amount of fan support he had in the venue.

To give this love back, Harrison often cheekily flirted with the audience — not with individuals, but with the whole mass of people he was sharing this connection with. From side winks to swiveling hips and the occasional Magic Mike moves on the microphone stand, Harrison had his fans swooning from every corner.

Harrison never held back from jumping onto the barricade to interact with the crowd and lean into the chaos. At the end of almost every song, the artist would look around the room in awe, often pausing between lyrics to laugh and say, “Man, fuck me, San Francisco,” as the crowd roared.

The week before this performance, Yungblud’s passport was stolen while he was on tour in the U.K. After being unable to travel and canceling several North American dates, the artist was scared of having to cancel the San Francisco show completely. “But we fucking made it, didn’t we?” he said to the screams of the masses.

The floor shook as Harrison sang “Anarchist” and the entire room began to jump. All smiles as always, the artist aggressively strummed his guitar beside an elaborate drum kit and vibrantly splatter-painted amps.

“Polygraph Eyes” showed off Yungblud’s England flair, his thick accent flowing strong with every lyric. Though one of his less intense numbers, the entwined messages about consent and respect in this song were stressed with each inflection.

As a treat for fans, Yungblud performed an unreleased song potentially called “Ice Cream Man.” Even though the crowd seemed unable to clap on beat at any point, this was a promising peek into Yungblud’s hopefully soon-to-be-released music.

Asking the crowd, “San Francisco, are you taking your pills?” the rambunctious singer began “Medication.” With all the tenacity he could muster, he delivered lyrics with concentration and fierceness. He regularly blew kisses to the crowd and he spewed water onto the front rows of his sweaty audience. 

Before singing “Machine Gun (F**k The NRA),” Harrison instructed the crowd to open up a mosh pit. Nothing less than teenage anarchy broke loose as the pit went mental — maybe a little too intensely for some fans who weren’t used to the roughness that comes with mosh pits. Harrison had to pull one fan who looked a little too overwhelmed out from the front, giving her a hug onstage and asking her if she was OK.

Before leaving for the night, Yungblud announced that not only would he be signing merch at the back door right after the show, but that he’d assuredly be back in the fall. Not long after, another tour was announced, sending Yungblud right back to San Francisco at the Regency Ballroom this upcoming September.

Having already sold out multiple dates of the upcoming tour, Yungblud is clearly an artist to watch for in the next year. Bringing back the old-school punk vibe with a modern pop twist, Yungblud is without a doubt here to shake up the music industry with every performance.

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