How to be the best subletter you can be this summer

Ethan Epstein/File

Many people turn to subletting during summer to find solutions for their short-term living situations. For international students who need somewhere to stay for a couple of months and for new interns or researchers who need housing, subletting is a popular option. If you’re one of these international students or interns, here are four ways to be the perfect subletter. 

Respect the tenants’ lifestyles.

Remember that your housemates have lived in the apartment longer than you have, which means they have an ongoing way of doing things that you should respect. Of course, it’s their duty as well to be respectful of your lifestyle, but try to be understanding of their actions.

Be a flexible person.

Because your stay will likely be short-term, don’t be aggressive about the way things should be at the house. If you don’t like the placement of furniture, politely ask your housemates if it’s OK to move it. If they decline, don’t be persistent — let the furniture be. Again, you won’t be staying for a long time, so it doesn’t make sense for you to get worked up over the interior of the house. Be a flexible person so that your stay will be comfortable for everyone, including yourself.

Stay organized throughout your stay.

Considering your short-term stay, there’s no reason for you not to be organized throughout your stay. The shorter you stay, the fewer things you should have. Moving out after your stay will be much easier that way, too, and you won’t make the mistake of leaving any of your things behind. Also, who doesn’t like an organized housemate? Your other housemates will likely appreciate your care for the space.

Communicate with your housemates.

While keeping in mind that you should be respectful, don’t forget that you’re paying rent as well. If you believe something is unfair or bothersome, communicate with your housemates. Chances are, they didn’t realize their misdoings, and hopefully, they’ll be understanding of your needs. Don’t be scared to communicate; it’s key when living with others.

Your living situation is important! It can make any part of your college experience the best or even the worst. If you stick to these four points while subletting, you’ll have the best time here in Berkeley. And you could even make some great friends along the way.

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