San Francisco group Nobody’s Baby teases album with psychedelic yet gritty single


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The San Francisco band Nobody’s Baby is a modern homage to the grit and grimness of beloved 1960s girl groups. A self-proclaimed “death doo-wop” collective that formed just last year, the group released a single on June 28 called “Life of a Thousand Girls.”

The single is a slow-moving tune but is in no way a ballad or a lullaby. The buzzing of the guitar awakens an old-school spirit in listeners, reminiscent of ‘60s psych rock with slow booming and simple drums. The dynamics in the changing speeds between verses and instrumental breaks provide the listener with a refresher as they slide through the tune, which lasts just over two minutes.

The sting of the guitars throughout the song is carefully juxtaposed against the softness in the vocals, the grooving bass line balancing the two. The male background vocals provide a distinct abrasiveness that gives the band its brash sound.

With many repeated lyrics, the song uses few words to give bravado-filled sentiments. Aside from the words in the title, which serve as the chorus, “I don’t accept the terms and conditions / and I don’t expect to be forgiven soon” and “Now you see me / now you don’t” are the only other lines in the song. This rebel yell is communicated through an almost effortless calmness, harmonizing the force of the message with the lackadaisical instrumentals.

In anticipation of the band’s upcoming self-titled debut EP, releasing on August 16, this single is just a sample of the analog-esque and low moaning style that Nobody’s Baby will hopefully share more of on the full EP. 

Nobody’s Baby will be stopping by San Francisco on its West Coast tour in just a few weeks, so stop by and maybe you’ll hear more of the fuzzy, anticipated EP for yourself.

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