Photo essay: LANY concert

Matthew Gibson/Staff

American indie pop trio LANY performed at The Masonic on June 15, wrapping up the second of two nights in San Francisco. The show signified the end of the Los Angeles group’s 100-date tour across five continents.

LANY’s most recent release from 2018, Malibu Nights, was inspired by lead singer Paul Jason Klein’s passionate but passing relationship with British pop star Dua Lipa, which ended in January of that year. 

The band entered to a packed crowd and opened with the upbeat track “Thick and Thin.” For a song that contemplates the aftermath of a breakup, Klein and his bandmates were electric, dancing along to the songs and happy to be performing again in their home state. As their set progressed, it continued to showcase some throwbacks from their older EPs, including “4EVER!” and “yea, babe, no way.” The acoustic guitar jam “Run” alluded to how Dua Lipa went back to her ex after leaving the frontman of the band, while Klein moved on with somebody new. 

Midway through the show, the band members paused to mention why San Francisco is so special to them, as it was where they signed their first record deal after a show in 2015. LANY’s progression with Malibu Nights has only pushed the band’s success to new heights and transformed it from a group of LA indie rockers to a worldwide name.

The trio ended the night with popular single “ILYSB” off its 2017 eponymous album, which launched its career in the first place.

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