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Marvel supervillains and their would-be majors at UC Berkeley

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JULY 18, 2019

2019 has been filled with a lot of new Marvel movies. Just a few weeks ago, “Spider-Man: Far From Home” was released, making it the third Marvel movie to come out this year. And one can’t help but wonder: What would these characters do if immersed in our world of college stress, exams and papers? The heroes have already had their analyses; now it’s the villains’ turn. Here are some Marvel supervillains and the majors they would have if attending UC Berkeley.

Loki: Theater and Scandinavian

Loki has always had a flair for the dramatic, and he loves his illusions, both of which would make him perfect for the theater department. The reason he’d double-major is due more to coincidence than anything else. His brother Thor would be a Scandinavian major as well, so Loki would decide to take the same classes as his brother, just to mess with him. It would take Loki a lot of studying to do well on all the tests and papers; he wouldn’t be able to ride on experiential knowledge of myths every time. Eventually, Loki would just decide to double-major — and not just to lord it over Thor. 

Killmonger: African American studies and legal studies

The main villain in “Black Panther” is well versed in African American history and culture, from both the past and present. Since the injustices against people of African descent throughout much of the world are what compel him to have the fierce pursuits he has, this would be one of his majors. But Killmonger, otherwise known as Erik during his military experience, is too intelligent and ambitious to have only a single major; he would major in legal studies as well. Although his villainous thirst for revenge drives him to ultimately be cruel, his interest in serving out justice is key to his character, and it would be important to him as a college student.

Obadiah Stane: Business

In the first “Iron Man” movie, Tony Stark doesn’t have complete control over his company. Instead, the villain in the film, Obadiah Stane, has most of the control. He’s a businessman who wants the Iron Man suit technology as an extra-pricey item he can deal as a weapon to terrorist groups. He’s almost exactly the stereotype of the cold businessman. So there’s no way he wouldn’t make sure to get that Haas degree in his youth.

The Vulture: Mechanical engineering

In “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Adrian Toomes finds alien tech and builds weapons with it, such as the mechanical wings that make him the Vulture. His work isn’t always with small electronics; it’s with large machines. Since he was the head of a salvage crew before beginning his life of crime, the place where he probably learned his skills was in college. The mechanical engineering major would be the perfect fit for him.

Thanos: Society and environment

If Thanos went to college, it would be to find a way to solve the environmental crisis the universe is facing. He would look for a program that focused on people and how they relate to nature. The society and environment major would be exactly what he’d look for. However, he may not be well liked by professors and classmates for arguing in favor of killing half of all intelligent life to solve our environmental problems.

If these villains were to go to UC Berkeley, we would hope they’d learn not to be so evil in the first place — or maybe the stress of finals week would make them even more evil. Hard to say. Regardless, I’m sure all the villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could find a place for themselves at UC Berkeley.

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JULY 18, 2019