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The Clog's ode to the summer band nights we love

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JULY 24, 2019

Live music produces an ambience of inclusivity and closeness. Summer band nights allow folks to disengage from society for a brief moment and become subdued by the brilliant melodies surrounding them. Energy radiates from the musicians and their instruments, lifting the spirits of all those around. Get groovy. Sway from side to side. Here’s to surrendering our ears to the honest electric bass and the passionate drums. Here’s to surrendering our nights to the enchanting vocals of the lead singer and the captivating keyboard.

A pure community is created among those swaying to the energetic sounds, clustered shoulder to shoulder. For some, the only parallel between themselves and the 57 other crowd-members is the present. And that’s the most noteworthy affair. Instead of watching episode 73 of “Game of Thrones” or engaging in a game of Monopoly, every single person at the venue chose to surrender their night to the musicians on stage. Musicians with charming messages. 

There are band nights happening every night of the week — you just have to know where to look for them! Bottom of the Hill and 924 Gilman are notorious for an eclectic range of genres and musicians; the Starry Plough Pub hosts “Funk Night” every Thursday and truly inspires your most funkadelic side.

There’s nothing like wandering outside for a breather between music sets and being embraced by the warm, summer night air. Here’s to filling free evenings with live music and genuine people. Here’s to magical summer nights filled with inviting lyrics and unfamiliar patterns. 

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JULY 24, 2019