Scary surprising: Shark facts that’ll blow your mind

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

It’s finally the long-awaited Shark Week, and what better time than now to learn more about our ocean friends? Take a deep breath before we dive deep to get the lowdown on some of the ocean’s “deadliest predators.”

Sharks look like devils from underneath.

If you already thought sharks were terrifying, you’re in for an unwanted surprise. From underneath, sharks look like devils with gills for eyes. 

The movie “Jaws” hired 28 sharks to play the role of one shark.

These actors kept forgetting they were on duty and swam back out to sea.

The original title for Shark Tank was “Mark Tank.”

Phew, good thing that was changed. 

Sharks are colorblind.

They don’t actually see the blood they follow. Their colorblindness just makes their sense of smell that much better. 

Sharks prefer men over women.

It’s statistically proven that men are more likely to get attacked by sharks — perhaps men are more prone to taking life-endangering risks?

Sharks have a “sixth sense.”

Sharks have a network of special cells that can detect electricity.

Hopefully you learned something new about these fascinating creatures of the deep. They’re much more advanced than we might think.

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