7 things that exist for the sole reason of annoying people

7 things that exist just to annoy people
Karina Nguyen/Staff

There’s no doubt that some questionable things exist only for the inconvenience of others. It’s these little first-world problems that end up bothering us the most. We here at the Clog have compiled a list of some of the most annoying things that all of us have probably experienced at one time or another. 

Password requirements 

This annoying rule forces you to change your main password to meet certain specifications (we’re looking at you, “one capital letter”), leaving you with random variations of your password that you’ll never remember.

Asking for credit card information for a free trial 

If the trial is truly free, why do companies always ask for this? It’s actually a great tactic for companies because if you’ve gone through the effort of putting in your card details, it’s less likely that you’ll cancel at the end of the free trial period. Companies are using our laziness to help their sales, and we’re not here for it. 

Pop-up ads 

These are always inconveniently placed at the most inconvenient times. You end up accidentally clicking the ad when you’re actually trying to exit out and getting redirected to another site. We definitely don’t want any viruses in our computers, and we definitely don’t want whatever the ad is telling us to buy or read.

Clothing with fake pockets 

We’d rather have no pockets than fake pockets or pockets so small and thin that they can only fit one sewing needle. There’s no worse feeling than confidently sliding your hand down into what you thought was a regular pocket and being met with a pocket that’s sewn shut. 

Stickers on products 

We’re referring to any sticker that you can’t peel off in one piece. Absolutely infuriating. What’s worse is when the sticker finally peels off, but the industrial-grade glue leaves a sticky residue on the product that seems to never come off. No matter what solvent you may try to use, that spot is always sticky.

Mandatory email signups 

Before you know it, your email will be full of junk mail from random websites you don’t remember signing up for. A solution for this is to create a separate spam email just for the purpose of getting coupons and other things that’ll send email chains. Of course, we don’t want to go through that email very often.

Car alarms 

They go off so easily that nobody even cares or suspects that a car is getting robbed. Bump into your car? Alarm goes off. Pull your door handle too hard when the door is locked? Alarm goes off. Lock the doors while you’re in the car and then attempt to get out? Alarm goes off. They’re a total public nuisance, and they disturb everyone around. 

With all of these little annoyances, which one irritates you the most? We hope you had a laugh, and maybe you’ll just happen to accidentally click on an ad on this page.

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