5 of Netflix’s best animated shows for your grown-up self

For children, watching cartoons serves as an essential means of entertainment. However, an increasing number of adult animations have entered the market in response to the growing demand for humor expressed through cartoons, proving that the line isn’t drawn with just younger audiences. Netflix is a prime example of a modern platform that continually invests into creating original animated adult content. Here are five of the best animated television series that you can easily find on Netflix.

“BoJack Horseman”

It’s hard to exclude “BoJack Horseman” from any ranking of best animated series, let alone one specifically catered to Netflix. This animated series focuses on the life of a washed-up sitcom actor and anthropomorphic horse named BoJack. The series is satirical of the imperfect entertainment industry and is lauded for touching on important topics such as mental disorders and discrimination that aren’t commonly portrayed in cartoons.


Centered around a 25-year-old red panda named Retsuko, the show receives much acclaim for its refreshing humor and satire of the corporate world. During the day, Retsuko can be found working away in the accounting department of a Japanese trading firm, but at night, she unleashes her rage by singing death metal inside her private karaoke box. Surprisingly enough, the animations for the series come from Sanrio (think Hello Kitty and Gudetama), which adds an element of cuteness to the show’s more mature content focusing on work life, marriage and family.

“Big Mouth”

In July, it was announced that “Big Mouth,” with two seasons currently to its name, would be renewed through a sixth season — an impressive feat for any type of television show. However, the news comes as no surprise, as audiences everywhere are praising the show for its discussion of puberty and all of the awkwardness that envelops it. “Big Mouth” emphasizes the challenges of adolescence by following the lives of various middle schoolers and evoking many laughs along the way.

“Tuca & Bertie”

“Tuca & Bertie” highlights the relationship between two birds in their 30s, a carefree toucan and a career-oriented songbird, to show that opposites really do attract. The show does an excellent job of talking about often undiscussed topics, including anxiety, sexual harassment and sobriety — but don’t get it confused with “BoJack Horseman.” “Tuca & Bertie” is unique for its emphasis on the female perspective. Although the vivacious series has not been picked up for another season, its cancellation has faced extreme backlash, with fans pointing at Netflix’s flawed algorithm for failing to properly promote the show on its streaming service.

“Love, Death & Robots”

One aspect that makes this series exciting in a way you never anticipated is its use of wildly different animators for each episode. After watching “Love, Death & Robots,” you’ll notice slight similarities to “Black Mirror” with its anthology format, dark humor and futuristic content. While the series is incredibly entertaining, a main point of criticism is its portrayal of women, which we can only hope will be addressed in the release of its second season.

Believe it or not, adult animations are some of the most sophisticated shows you’ll find today through their discussion of social, political and economic issues. Adult cartoons possess the unique ability to use comedy to touch upon topics that many other genres entirely omit. If you’re in need for some humor with a deeper message behind it, be sure to check out one of the aforementioned series.

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