The Clog’s tips on how to deal with being sick over the summer

Stephanie Li/Senior Staff

Getting sick sucks no matter when it happens. Being sick during summer vacation has its own reasons for being awful. The relaxation and fun of a vacation can be ruined when some disease makes you feel like you can’t even lift your arm. If you have responsibilities during the summer, like a summer internship or classes, sickness can just make it harder to get done what you need to do and will make things a little miserable. Here are some ways to deal with those specific challenges that come from being sick over the summer.

Avoid activities if you can

Rest will help you get better faster, but all your responsibilities might get in the way. The best you can do is to see if you can take a sick day. If you can, stay home, and let people know you’re sick. If you can’t, then avoid anything that can wait a few more days before being done. Take breaks and don’t wear yourself out. If you’re on vacation, then it’s all right to cancel plans and stay in bed at the hotel. No vacation plan is worth feeling miserable all day.

Drink plenty of water

If you do have to go outside, remember to drink lots of water. The heat combined with you being sick will make you dehydrated quickly, so it’s always a good idea to have water on hand. Other beverages aren’t acceptable substitutes. If you drink something other than water, you’ll likely end up more dehydrated instead. Drinking water will make you feel a little better, so there’s no good excuse not to do it.

Get some chicken noodle soup

The perfect food for when you’re sick is soup, specifically chicken noodle soup. It has all the things you need in a food that a weak stomach can handle. It also has electrolytes, so you can keep drinking water without fear that your electrolytes are being depleted. It’s filling and tasty, and you can just have broth if your stomach is feeling especially weak and upset. Even though it’s summer, this hot food is still perfect if you’re sick. If you can’t eat chicken, a good alternative is to make the same soup with a vegetable broth and a chicken substitute like tofu.

Wear layers when you go outside

When the sun’s out and the temperature is hot, it may seem silly to bring a jacket. However, you’ll be glad you did, especially if you’re feverish. When you’re sick, you can be very sensitive to slight changes in temperature. A light breeze in the shade might make you feel like you’re freezing. Being able to put on and take off a layer, like a jacket, can keep you comfortable temperature-wise as you walk outside.

It can suck to get sick over the summer. Hopefully, these tips will help it be a little less miserable. Just remember to wash your hands extra well when the fall semester starts and everybody comes back from vacation with new germs. You don’t want to get sick again.

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