4 of the most home-inspiring restaurants in the Bay Area

Stephanie Li/Senior Staff

While going to school and struggling with all the busyness, we all desperately miss the home-cooked food we used to eat growing up. Thoughts of comforting, delicious food in the company of family bring about feelings of love and nostalgia. Some UC Berkeley students are from across the country, and some are from around the world. If you want a taste of home while being miles away, here are four of the best comfort foods in the Bay Area.

Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen, Berkeley

Located in Downtown Berkeley, Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen is a popular restaurant in the area. It brings New Orleans across the country to Berkeley, the atmosphere of the southern city coming to life. The music, vibe and menus all play a role in creating the perfect environment. Some of the restaurant’s most famous dishes include jambalaya, buttermilk fried chicken and shrimp creole. If you have a taste for this Southern-style food, make sure to try Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen!

Moo Bong Ri, Oakland

The Bay Area has only a few authentic Korean restaurants, and Moo Bong Ri is one of them. The culture behind Korean food is to share from a large pot. Eating together is a way for friends to become closer and for families to feel loved. You can feel this homey comfort at this particular Korean restaurant. Sausage casseroles, stews and sausage sauté are some of its most popular dishes.

The Front Porch, San Francisco

If you really want to taste your mom’s love, The Front Porch is the restaurant to visit. Not only is its food delicious, but the cozy atmosphere and the enormous portion sizes remind us of our own homes growing up. You can feel a comforting energy radiating through the walls that reminds you of the way your grandma always gave you more food even though you were already full. The restaurant specializes in Southern Cajun menus and is most famous for its fried chicken and waffles and its shrimp and grits.

Brenda’s French Soul Food, San Francisco

This restaurant is an all-time favorite, with more than 10,000 reviews on Yelp and an average of four stars. The long lines really showcase the popularity of this restaurant, and the food compensates for the wait. Brenda’s French Soul Food combines the salivating and satisfying flavors of soul food with the intricacies of French food. The fried chicken eggs Benedict and grits is its most famous dish, and the beignets are to die for.

These comfort foods are sure to bring back memories of flavors from your own house. Food can be a way for us to relive our childhoods and take comfort in knowing that we are loved by our families.

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